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We offer PWA services. You get a fully packed web app completely compatible with your una site customization. The web app can be added to any device homescreen and it will function like a native app.


Differences compared to Native Mobile App

- Speed (faster load time)

-Low size (in kb)

- Multi device support (pwa can be mobile, tabs, ipads, desktop, etc)

-No download. Just install/add to Homescreen.

-Since it requires no download, PWA uses only a very small portion of the phone’s memory.

-Unlike Native apps, PWA works like any website so it can be indexed in search engines.

-You can easily deploy your updates without the need to wait for the app stores approval.

- Suited for most websites with no worries of app stores (google/apple) compliances.

-supported by popular browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge.

- All web notifications are directed to web App and opens exact link page

- all links opened with web app goes to exact page (whether app is open or not)

- More Cheaper and convenient for all.


- Almost native (interacts with other native apps and listed among installed apps)

- it's also an app


- PWA like any framework has it's pros and crons. Nevertheless, it can be quite useful for all starting webmasters as well as big sized websites who wants to optimize users experience.

- PWA is not a replacement for the native app but it can be an addon for all websites. In a nutshell, native apps can help your website branding with a store presence especially when it's listed on google/apple stores. Moreso, adding a web app experience to your brand gives you an added advantage when it comes to usability for all.

PWA notification (up) vs Native Mobile App notification (down)


->if web app is also set on one signal, Notifications show up like a regular app notification but with the website name beside the app name on preview. See attached screenshot for difference:

Regular Native App->


Progressive Web App->


-Contact me to get started with PWA.

Note: Certain service worker and capsule that uses some google resources are used for the integration and set up

Payments may be done with Cryptocurrencies via Checkout with coinbase @


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Android/iOS Mobile App Builds + App Store Publishing @

Progressive Web App (PWA) Service @

Discounts Offer is valid for only ONE WEEK from now. Uptime Service and App Stores Approval are guaranteed on mobile app builds.

Contact me if interested in any of the services listed. You may pm me for more inquiries. Thank you.

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We offer PWA services. You get a fully packed web app completely compatible with your una site customization. The web app can be added to any device homescreen and it will function more like a native app with even faster load time.


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    • Hello ScholarΒ I sent you pm via messenger

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      • Stephen-Mystic Inam Got it, and what is the difference between your regular una website and a PWA? How is the PWA different from just having an UNA site?
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        • It will work and behave like as an app. thats why it's call a progressive web app...with similar features of an app like push notification support, splash screen on app load, listed among installed apps, (in android) can be suggested as an app to open website links as well as couple of differences with website/native apps...see better description @

          pwa is like creating a lightweight app out of a website. In some cases, pwa are very useful if you want an app feel for your website without having a native app. for instance "onlyfans" offer only pwa as their platform doesnt fit app stores compliances so they dont have native android/ios apps...or in some cases its a plus your native app. for instance in cases you offer subscription or use payment provider that's not accepted by app stores, you could hide these features on mobile app and make it available on web app/website. Also most of the big social medias like IG, Tikttok, etc have pwa as light weight ready to install app even though they have their native android/ios apps as well as thier lite native app versions

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