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  • Hi, Simon - You installed 12.0.1 and and the menu for and don't work?

    When you hover your mouse over People and About, what's the URL that they point to?

    Also, you can edit those in the Studio > Navigation app.

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    Products by hashtag: links
    Added a product  to  , links

    This simple module allows to create a "block of blocks" on any page. I.e. you can create a with a to load content of other as a .
    The block of quick links supports horizontal . It allows you to provide your own icons for each link/block.
    This can help to save space on a and make it look simple and clean yet functional.

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      • Well worth the wait. VERY well done guys. This will save a lot of room on any page we choose to add it to not to mention that adding quick links (Popup Blocks) to the page makes the user experience much better and easier..

        Something I'd like to see added thou (if possible) Β is an option to edit the popup block so we can add instructions or any extra info we feel might be needed to display within the popup.

        BTW, It was very easy to setup. And if anyone is interested, here is a good place to grab icons.

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        • Very useful, I use all areas of site so to see so many blocks on page can become cumbersome if a person were to view the profile. Also the price is good. I wish your field and category apps were around the same price. I find this price more worth it.

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          • Can you please make events and courses able to be used in the module as well. I did not see show on the list of options when looking through it.Β 

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            • The module shows all blocks that are currently available for a page. So if you need events then first add that block to a page as a regular block and then it should appear as an option in the Popup Blocks. After adding it there you can deactivate or even delete the regular block.Β 

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              • That would make sense, Since I reinstalled I have no added events back to profiles to show. Thank you.Β 

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              • Is there anyway to make these blocks conditional like the blocks on the page. For example some blocks will not show unless you have added an item like Albums, Videos, Etc. If not is that something you could possibly attempt to add in the future?Β 

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                • Unfortunately no. The module does not analyse the type of blocks, content, modules, etc. This module just shows a block by calling a copy of that block's code. I.e. this is a general purpose module.
                  What you're asking is a much more specific task. Specific for your use case, which requires a custom approach.

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