How promotion works..?

How promote option work for timeline posts. After promoting any post what things done. Where can i see promoted posts..?

  • Hi Amitesh!

    Here is the scheme of the promotion's work:

    After the post is promoted it should be shown in all subscription timelines/outlines in natural order by date.

    For example, if user A is subscribed to user B and C. Then he sees posts from user B and C in his subscription timeline. When admin promotes a post from user X, then user A will see a single post from user X between other posts from users B and C.

    • Just like LeonidS said, and in more simple terms - it just pushes the post into feeds of people even if they don't follow the post author. Great tool for admins to promote great content and help members find who to follow. 

      • Thanks for answer. 

        • That's a brighter point, so if I understand correctly, Admin can make any publication in the personal feed of all the members that compose the site? So if 20,000 members, the 2000 people see this publication? So in fact, it should not be abused I think? I understood well?

          • If you Promote a public post all site members will see it their feeds. It’s only an admin feature so shouldn’t be abused as long as admins are sane. :)

            • That's it, we agree. Thank you, so now I'm sure I understood and I think already the use that I can do, you're right, it's a function that wins to be known :-)

              thanks also to LeonidS !

              • any thought to tying this into the payment module so users can pay a one time fee to promote one item?