Messenger problem edit message

I think this is not normal. It seems like I can change any message in a conversation.

  • Did you try saving it after you made changes? It shouldn't allow you. I noticed that in Dolphin years ago.

    • Yes, I can register without problem.

      • I mean can you change the person's message and then save it? It should give you a permission error saying you don't have access.

        • Of course (add add add add test) it's me who added it.
          But you're the only person I can not do it with, I do not know why.

          • Hello Baloo,

            By default, you can change message of any member in the Talk, in case if this it was created by you, because you are owner/admin of this Talk. Also Admin of the site can change any message in any talk and any participant can see who and when was changed a message.

            • Hello Alexey, ok, what I did not notice is "in case it is created by you", it is true that it changes everything. Ok, so sorry for the inconvenience.