design improvement

Having this huge wasted blank space just mean more needless scrolling in order to reach the real content. If there is nothing in it (as in the Posts module - it should NOT appear.) As it has no function other than suggesting to the user that something is missing.

Also, the banner is too big (wide, not long) even when there is content - text - in it. But, when one considers that the banner sometimes contains graphics, then the size is fine. But often these inserted graphics cover images are NOT centered. 

All in all, the UNA platform is super clean and unique! As more themes come available - it will only get better and better.

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  • That area is the "Page Cover". It can be turned off completely in Page Builder, but in some cases this may be problematic as it may contain action buttons as well as media uploaded with a post or profile. Generally I see that it as a design flaw as we essentially create a special case limitation which requires to either have some image there or put up with wasted space, as you duly noted.

    So, in our new template, and gradually in all other templates we will be shifting action buttons away from the cover area, and also moving the on-page media into a block rather than page cover. This will allow us to make Covers entirely "decorative" and easy to turn off anywhere. Working on it now :)

      • Do not forget that you also have the possibility to reduce the height of the cover via protean. From 30vh to 20vh, this is not a problem. I like it like this.

        On the other hand Andrew Boon  what is sorely lacking is a button "Go to top" because Una displays in many cases, long pages.

        • Good discussion. Good point about the height reduction, Baloo. 

          Andrew Boon, you are a great visionary!  Cheers also to Alex and Leonid and Anton. Your team is the best and you should consider yourself blessed.

          I know we sometimes sound like a bunch of kids wanting more and more candy... Haha. 

          Few realize the degree of difficulty (and time) that many of these seemingly little requests would require to implement. Implement across all pages, modules, browsers, tablets, and phones...

          Keep up the hard work! And most of all: T h a n k  y o u !