Latin/Spanish app

Hello all, i have a question as for a Spanish app like the Russian and English languages that users can choose either one. Will there be a Latin app?

  • Hi  Will, you have two solutions:
    1. Wait until someone offers it.
    2. Make the app yourself, it is technically very complicated, however, I know, it's a lot of work...

    • True, I'll just wait

      • Maybe I have an idea, someone did the translation for dolphin, maybe you could contact this person and ask him if he is not interested in doing the Spanish translation for Una? https://www.boonex.com/m/spanish-package-for-dolphin-7-1-4-paquete-espa-o

        • Cool, when I get back and settled in, I would contact him. Good looking out!

          • I have already contacted him, I told him we would love a Spanish app for UNA,  I can’t guarantee delivery times, but it is work in progress! 

              • Baloo i just messaged him, thanks!

                • Looks like UNAFrench has the spanish app available for download/pay, but the translation doesn't look translated by a spanish speaking person, it looks like Google translated. My primary language is spanish, and i can see some of the words are incorrectly translated. I started doing my own translation at my site.

                  • Hello Andrew Boon , I react to this post. All the modules proposed by this author are done like that except the French which is my own module. My opinion, it's a scam. The author must at least make it clear that he does not know any of these languages and that the translation is done with the Google Translate tool or remove them. I add that the site https://www.unafrench.com/ by the same author does not contain any article written by its author, it contains only copied / pasted of all the articles of una.io translated with google translate, its presented as if the author had written them himself, because they do not contain any links to the original articles, and are full of spelling mistakes, which in my view gives a ridiculous image of an original platform. This is called a bad "plagia".

                    It's just my opinion, and for my module, I rely on the quote that says "Well done never benefits", but I do not find that very correct.

                    • Today the author has removed all its modules from the market, it's a good thing, and thank you Nathe Forden  for the compliment.