Collapsible Field Header Showing When Empty - Case 2

The new collapsible Field block header shows on the view page when all corresponding fields are empty and invissible as a result.

In Dophin, the Block Header with its underlying fields becomes invisible when they have no content.

The collapsible capability is a great addition, but showing when it has nothing to display is not ok.

See the attached screenshot.

I think we can retain old Dolphin capability with the new collapsibility.


  • Thank you for noticing this and the explanation, if it was working in Dolphin then it should be some way in UNA too, however in current structure it isn't easily achievable:


    • Ok, I then suggest the COLLAPSIBLE feature be attached STANDARD to "Textarea" and other potential high content value fields like the Multiple selector creation, set it to load "Open" by Default, so Administrators can enable or dissable collapse as they create depending on the kind of project they are working on. This is doable and I know you guys can do it. I have fallen in love with UNA already and there is no going back. 

      I have a project that will deal with lots of text content like Wikipedia and it will be another dimension to the capability of UNA.