Twilio and spammer

If I understand correctly, when you delete an account, the number can be reused directly if the person wants to re-register.

Could we not consider a way to delete an account with a special button "Spam", which would keep the number, so that it can not be reused?

A little like Stop Spam Forum, otherwise it is easy to use a large series of email addresses, while for phone numbers, it is much more complicated.

Using Twilio will cost a lot of money if it is not done that way.

  • I think if user confirmed their phone the user isn't spammer, it's less likely that user has hundreds of valid phone numbers to register with. So requiring phone during registration should keep spammers away.

    • Yes but Alex, he does not need a hundred if I understood correctly, once I deleted his account, he can use again the same number, and recreate an account, you confirm that?

      • Yes, user can create new account with the same phone number after account is deleted, but

        - user can do only after previous account is deleted

        - user doesn't know when it will be deleted so he can create it again

        - also you can suspend account instead of deleting

        • Alex, if there is no better solution, I'll do it like that. BUT! You still have to know that the problem I'm talking about is not the same as the problem you know from time to time here or on boonex.com.

          It's very different, it's spam. I'm talking about the crooks of the Ivory Coast, based in Abidjan. Those Alex, you do not know how to get rid of them. They represent more than 50% of my listings despite stop spam forum. They come back again and again, with other email addresses, other ip via proxies. They have all the strings, it is the plague these people there.

          In addition, 50% of my bill at Twilio will be for these people!

          Their favorite targets are dating sites because they make scam to feelings.

          Frankly, I'm afraid to be in real conditions, because if I have to keep all their accounts, I will not find myself there.

          By the way, where did the "Delette Spamm ..." button go?

          You said a lot of times that you're going to make a simple, I guess easier than Dolphin ... Well, in many ways it's true, but on this one, admit that it's a lot more complicated , and especially significantly less effective.

          From where my idea. It takes a simple solution from the profile to get rid of an account and all its contents, it is important, but in addition, Twilio is the ideal tool to prevent them from coming back, they will never know how to get hold of numbers as easily as email addresses.

          And I do not think it would be very complicated for you to stop this. Thank you


          Also, what is the reason I should keep an account without a profile? When I delete a profile, it should check if profile = 0 then delete the account also. If profile ≠ 0 then it does not delete the account. It is not possible?

          • Could you please specify how many times exactly the same account was created again with the same phone number after deletion ?

            And how many such accounts with different phone numbers ?

            To know how is real this problem.

            • > By the way, where did the "Delette Spamm ..." button go?

              It's the same as "Delete with content".

              • No Alex, I can not tell you yet, since I do not use Una yet in real condition (I assure you that I am happy to be able to do it), I can currently only talk about my experience under dolphin. Note that it's my dolphin experience that makes me write everything I've written here on una.io from the beginning.

                Now in Dolphin, with S.T.P, each couple ip address, pseudo mail address is definitively "Out" since directly stored at STP.

                Then, if they try to re-register, before registration, the STP com is interrogated and the registration is refused if positive test.

                You say "Delette Spammer" is equivalent to "Delette with content", do you mean that the data is also transferred to STP and controlled at registration as in Dolphin? If so, is it a good point that I did not know, you confirm that it works the same way?

                If that's the case, then I agree with you, it's the same. Happy that it is so. So I'm already a little reassured.

                But despite this, they change, ip, email address and keep coming back. However, I have seen a decrease in their activity since you joined STP, so it is not used as you expected when you did.

                With Twilio, the idea is that we have a good way to neutralize them effectively, the same principle as STP in fact, but internally with something they can not easily change. It is a shame not to use it.

                I will not use Twilio if it is not so, simply because I know in advance that these people will cost me a fortune, a little more than 50% of the checks. I understand what you are telling me, there are sites where it is not worth it, but I assure you that it is my biggest problem, sorting between real and false profiles is what takes me the most time.

                • Baloo, with your dolphin site, why don't u remove any function for the standard level to make any post, comments and insert any like until you check by the email they use whether they are spammers or not. Many use emails that can be tracked in Google. If the visitor is a real person then u change their membership if they are spammers, u block their ip. It can save you a lot of time and you can send a message to spammers that they can not go to your site and spam your entire site. You can provide a brief description in your about or privacy data of what your site does to prevent spammers. Just saying that's all. You can also include that your site apologizes for any delay in confirming accounts, as a matter a fact u can include it in the email that is sent out to new accounts.

                  • Thank you, but as I said, my problem is not so much the tracker, Anton has provided me with good tools for that, my problem is to prevent them from coming back. blocking ip is useless, they change ip more easily than they change folders, ditto for email address. You have to be aware of one thing. Feeling scams report to the most talented of them 70 to 85000 $ per year. When you know that, you understand why they are sticky like bees on syrup.

                    Do not think that I am the only one and read this.

                    Facebook lists more than 260 million fake accounts.

                    12% of the profiles are false

                    Figures that have something to turn out, but the social network of Mark Zuckerberg must also face an increase in the number of "Fake Accounts", duplicate profiles or false. According to Facebook, 10% of accounts, or 200 million, are duplicates and 60 million accounts are false (2-3%).

                    This increase has been reduced from 6% to 10% for duplicate profiles and from 1% to 2-3% in the number of false accounts, due to the introduction of a "new methodology" that includes "better signals" on which Facebook can rely.

                    With 200 million, "Fake Accounts" are the third most represented country on Facebook.

                    A big problem for Facebook, but also for Twitter or Google, as the New York Times reveals. The famous American media takes a study of Zachary Elwood ...

                    Source : https://www.presse-citron.net/facebook-recense-plus-de-260-millions-de-faux-comptes-doublons/

                    Or this ...

                    Social Media: 437,165 Online Scams in 2017!

                    Do online scams become more lucrative than phone scams?
                    The ZeroFox study also provides a rather useful overview of the tactics used by crooks. One of the preferred methods of cybercriminals is to pretend to be an official financial institution, such as a bank or an insurance service. Hackers can also usurp others with identities, so be careful. For this scam to work, crooks will have to build credible identities. So that their victim does not suspect anything, they will work on their online presence, via an Instagram account, Twitter or Linkedin.

                    Once equipped with credible digital identities, the scammer will initiate the conversation with his victim, via Messenger or via Direct Messages depending on the platform. Aided by his later work and a fake website, he has no trouble convincing his prey of the veracity of his claims. Its potential victims are mainly those who are already in the financial world and who share with the false profile created by the pirates, centers of common interests, but they also target the more naïve and gullible users, such as people elderly.

                    Source : http://escrocs-virtuels.over-blog.com/2018/05/arnaques-sur-facebook-et-instagram.html

                    I can assure you that the problem is worse for me, not in number of course but in proportion, because it is a dating site, it is the target n ° 1 because many people are suffering because fresh rupture and therefore fragile, they know it very well!  I did not bring this idea to bother the world, as you see.

                    • Holy shoots!!!

                      • Looks like this isn't something with one simple answer. We have some tools, but definitely need to take a closer looks and put together a comprehensive tutorial on what can be configured to prevent and combat spammers, as well as add any new functionality needed for it. It will be one if the upcoming .

                        • You say "Delette Spammer" is equivalent to "Delette with content", do you mean that the data is also transferred to STP and controlled at registration as in Dolphin? If so, is it a good point that I did not know, you confirm that it works the same way?

                          What is S.T.P ?

                          No it doesn't happen in UNA, also in Dolphin data is submitted to StopForumSpam only if you apply for special key which allows to do it.

                          • Sorry Alex, my translator worked badly, yes I talked about Stop Spam Forum.

                            Ok without the key yes, but if I enter the key here, then it works exactly the same way as in Dolphin?


                            • Key?? Where can that key be retrieved? If needed to prevent spam.

                                • Baloo, that picture above is from your dolphin site or your UNA site? I have different.

                                  • No Will, he is in Dolphin and in Una, look in "Antispam".

                                    • Will do, thank you Baloo!!

                                      • Ok, I registered and was provided with key, I entered the key on my site and saved, thank you for all the help!!

                                        • There is no automated submission to the spam database in UNA

                                          • So "Delete Spammer" is different from "Delete with content" ...

                                            What is the requested key for? Why not pick up this good idea?



                                            • Thank you for noticing this,  we'll add this feature in the future - https://github.com/unaio/una/issues/1513

                                              • Thank you for taking my request into consideration

                                                • So as of now, what is the best way to keep any unwanted accounts..(spam, scam, hackers, duplicate accounts, etc......?

                                                  • This is the problem I was raising Will, not much, but I asked AQB to adapt this module. It is very useful to me in dolphin ...

                                                    For example, it highlights, all accounts with the same ip and many other things, it is a major piece in my defense system.

                                                    • Hello Baloo ,

                                                      AQB Soft is working in AMS module and try to release it during a month. 

                                                      Also points system will contain several abilities which may help to stop spammers, for example to close some abilities on the site for members until they perform specified actions (for example until they upload photos and post 3 posts or create 10 comments or something like that).

                                                      • Hello Alexey, for AMS, you know you can put me a copy warm, I look forward to it. :-)

                                                        I look forward to seeing your points system too.

                                                        It's cool, the defense is getting organized :-)