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Twilio and spammer

If I understand correctly, when you delete an account, the number can be reused directly if the person wants to re-register.

Could we not consider a way to delete an account with a special button "Spam", which would keep the number, so that it can not be reused?

A little like Stop Spam Forum, otherwise it is easy to use a large series of email addresses, while for phone numbers, it is much more complicated.

Using Twilio will cost a lot of money if it is not done that way.

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  • Thank you for taking my request into consideration

    • So as of now, what is the best way to keep any unwanted accounts..(spam, scam, hackers, duplicate accounts, etc......?

      • This is the problem I was raising Will, not much, but I asked AQB to adapt this module. It is very useful to me in dolphin ...

        For example, it highlights, all accounts with the same ip and many other things, it is a major piece in my defense system.

        • Hello Baloo ,

          AQB Soft is working in AMS module and try to release it during a month. 

          Also points system will contain several abilities which may help to stop spammers, for example to close some abilities on the site for members until they perform specified actions (for example until they upload photos and post 3 posts or create 10 comments or something like that).

          • Hello Alexey, for AMS, you know you can put me a copy warm, I look forward to it. :-)

            I look forward to seeing your points system too.

            It's cool, the defense is getting organized :-)