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Search Too Limited For Persons and Orgs (Set UNA Free)

UNA is a framework to achieve anything, I believe the present search functionality is a limitation to that dream. So many niches that Dolphin has been known for requires Advanced Search capability, like Dating and many other profiling projects. My persons profile has 21 fields for 7 different categories and can only search all that with full name and gender. thats to much barrier.

Take Auto business for example requires more than just keywords too. 

Please I suggest that you unlock the capacity of UNA in this area. It should even be on the "Front Burner" so to speak. 

This limited search for Persons and Orgs makes me feel like UNA is in jail, please set it free.

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  • We added a new feature to Forms builder where you can create custom search forms that search according to available profile fields data. Since default fields are very simple there is no pre-built search form, but you can make one as sophisticated as your profiles are. :)

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    • This sound great Andrew, is this in a coming update or ready on-board, because I can't see this on my Studio Dash, how do I access that function?

      This is what I see attached has only "RESET".

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      • Just to make the new created fields appear, you have to reset. But I agree with you, Andrew Boon , yes, we have a nice search form now, (when it will work, there is a bug that limits the results to 10) but a good form is not enough to make good looking, please read what I said here about it. https://una.io/page/view-discussion?id=1103

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        • Replied in that thread. We will work on overall search UX improvements

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          • Thanks Baloo and Andrew, Happy that I asked, I was almost waiting for a miracle through updates that will never come. 

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