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Partial Title Issues

Hi house, I have been severally tempted to overlook the presentation of Partial Titles so to say. I feel this is something to be corrected. The snippet may or may not even appear much.

I have seen this appear also on UNA Blocks and I must say that the UNA discussions and post are different from a regular website post. Here we search things out to locate post relevant to our issues, we also care to read other peoples issues to know how to ensure we dont experience same problems, just like we visit the pharmacy by necessity and not for pleasure, we ask for what we need, we dont realy care how and where they display our prescription. That is UNA.

For our websites, we market, we attract visitors to read what we show them and the first reference point is the TiTle presenting our post. A Half Title is not good as it communicates nothing. So it will be nice to have all titles in any BLOCK wrapped.

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  • Not wrong, I also thought about notifications, I did not say anything about it, because I'm waiting to see if it has been changed. But it's true in general, titles too short say nothing often.

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    • This issue has been left unattended to since August. I see this getting more disturbing as I add more and more content to my website. 

      The use of UNA is not all about basic social networking I suppose?

      I am deploying UNA for deep level content for information, training and I know many will use the POST APP for that purpose any moment if not already.

      See the Blog Home Page screenshot and see if this communicates adequately the desires of a publisher. 

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      • Hello DeDiary!

        In the first zoom, it is possible just to expand the .bx-base-text-unit-title class settings. Go to Studio->Your template->Styles section. Find there Custom styles area and write there something like:

        .bx-base-text-unit-title {

        //the new settings


        Then clear the cache via Studio->Dashboard.

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        • Hi LeonidS 

          I have not been able to fix this challenge.

          I am curious to know why what you did here 


          can't be applied to others like


          Why continuing to have this kind of presentation. Let's correct this Andrew Boon 

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