Organizations - my visions

How to make that the organization was not an account profile?
Or you could not turn it on as a default profile?

  • I think you can create module with needed functionality based on Groups, you can use existing Groups module and just changes language strings,¬†blocks, fields, menus in Studio builders. Or clone module and use it under your own name. But second variant will cause that your custom module will not be updated (or you will need to do it manually) and you need some programming knowledge to do this, however it's build on some common files and some functionality will still be automatically updated with the version update.

    • The Groups module itself needs improvement. I never found how to create there publications and events, inside the group itself ...

      • Timeline is integrated into Groups and Events, so to be able to post content directly to the group you need to install Timeline module.

        • Timeline is something like tweets, but I'm talking about a full-fledged blog

          • For now there is no full-featured blog inside Groups or Events, however it maybe it will be added in future versions, the similar way the Files module is integrated into Events & Groups.