I was never able to use the payments-module by Boonex on both platforms (Dolphin and UNA). I get the following error after a successful payment via PayPal (sandbox): TRANSACTION VERIFICATION FAILED.

In the logfile there are entries like:

05-16 16:18:26: Finalize Checkout Failed
05-16 16:18:26: array (
'r' => 'payment/finalize_checkout/paypal/2',
'payer_email' => '[...]',
'payer_id' => 'FENPWQVPCCSNN',
'payer_status' => 'VERIFIED',
'first_name' => 'test',
'last_name' => 'buyer',
'txn_id' => '6GE18003HN457640W',
'mc_currency' => 'EUR',
'mc_fee' => '0.45',
'mc_gross' => '5.00',
'protection_eligibility' => 'ELIGIBLE',
'payment_fee' => '0.45',
'payment_gross' => '5.00',
'payment_status' => 'Completed',
'payment_type' => 'instant',
'item_name1' => 'Test',
'quantity1' => '1',
'mc_gross_1' => '5.00',
'num_cart_items' => '1',
'txn_type' => 'cart',
'payment_date' => '2017-05-16T16:18:16Z',
'business' => '[...]',
'receiver_id' => 'JY8CUJ6TM2SSE',
'notify_version' => 'UNVERSIONED',
'custom' => 'MnwyNQ%3D%3D',
'verify_sign' => 'AFcWxV21C7fd0v3bYYYRCpSSRl31Au6BB2RbbA7UgkNTVOzxDv8a0ZWj',

Same error on different UNA and Dolphin installations. May it be a server thing?

I added a product here on UNA and created a new profile. I purchased my test product and it displayed the following message: PAYMENT IS NOT COMPLETED.

Is there something wrong or is it intended this way?

  • Hello

    Yes, PayPal integration in UNA had some problems with transactions' verification. We investigated it and fixed. The fixed version of Payments module is available in repository and will be released shortly with the nearest UNA release.

    Best Regards