no access to account administration

Hi all. I am attempting to simplify and delete all my profiles except 1. This will give me the confidence that I my and my own site are in sync. However in the Studio, under Accounts I am unable to gain access via any profile.


How can this be since I am logged in?

Also, when I went to recover my password, the reset link was never sent as promised. 2 attempts. Nothing in spam folder, either.

Should I just do a complete reinstall?

Thank you for every consideration today.

  • Please could you specify the URL of the page which shows "access denied" message?

    I suspect that your Operator account doesn't have Administrator membership, so please set Administrator membership to be able to delete profiles from user side.

    • Alex, you are amazing! You nailed it, mate! I hereby bequeath all of my earthly possessions to you!