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Nearby People module review

I finally did not take long to decide to buy this module and the first thing I can say is ... woawww!

If I hesitated it's mainly because I did not know if it would work well with open source cards and I asked BenPhilips  who tested for me, that I thank, and reassured me on this point.

Well my friends! It tears!

So, I asked my friend (Next) to join me on my demo site, immediately I see her arrive on the map, which you can see below,100 km separate the two profiles.  .

Also note that coupled with Quick Informer it is even more powerful. What to say, it's just great! He deserves a little discussion apart.

In fact, I have a criticism to emmetre anyway. There is a problem, it is precisely that it works too well. The accuracy, for the test is 1 meter!

AQB has planned a minimum zoom, but not a maximum zoom .. Please AQB Soft , add this in an update, because it is not possible to reveal the exact addresses of all members.

Arf, it is rare that something works too well! Also as I said, it is a beautiful demonstration of the knowledge of AQB Soft. It augurs good for the future!

Finally I will add this. Ok, things are not working well on UNA yet. It may happen that we doubt, must I continue? I know ... Well, just see this to understand that doubts fade and understand that in the future we will really have fun!

 So here you see it working with OSM, no API key to enter it works directly! 


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    • HI Baloo, is it really good?

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      • Hi Baloo,

        We've released an update which adds the "Map max zoom level" setting for admin to protect members' precise locations.

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        • Hello,

          Thank you very much !

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          • Baloo, thx for another good discussion.  How did You implement OSM? Stand alone or Do You need this 'Fab Nearby Module'?

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            • Hi Peter, The only thing to do is to select Map provider and style, it's as simple as that.

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              • Hello AQB Soft I have two suggestions for making your module even more attractive:

                1. Different color for men and women

                2. Allow to see the map or not according to the member level so to encourage membership.

                Thank you for your attention

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                • Hello Baloo,

                  1. This can be a bit problematic, taking into account that the Gender field belongs to Persons only (while the map can show organizations and other possible profiles too) and also determining gender on the fly can create extra load for a server because of the different possible profile types in UNA.

                  2. Done. Implemented in version 1.2.0

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                  • Hello AQB, 

                    1. It's a shame, but I understand the problem.
                    2. Thank you very much, it's great like this.

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                    • Great Mod, thx! Makes fun and my couple of test-users like it!

                      But, How can a user change the permission of beeing geolocated? In my case I have a test-user who first denied to be geolocated on the map. Now this user wants to take part and allow geolocation. But this user has no possibility to change this permission by himself. He gets the answer "You have denied the request of geolocation". 

                      SO: Where can a user change this permission?


                      • tested on chrome, FF, safari
                      • Hosted by UNA pro package (NO access to cloud/server/files)
                      • server cache cleared
                      • user browser cach++ cleared
                      • nearby settings:
                        • site members only
                        • while they are on the map page only
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                      • A user can change this setting anytime by altering a site's permissions, which depends on a browser used but in most cases it is the icon menu (on the left of site's address in browser's address bar).

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                        • Is there going to be an interface to list users near me and sort them by distance?

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