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Will there a directory plugin made available?

It would be great / valuable to have a directory plugin.   Having a directory plugin will allow businesses to submit their particulars (for a fee or free - a choice made my the admin), and it allows users to search for, e.g.  plumbers in Vancouver, Canada.    Is there an intention to build a directory plugin?

p.s. I've taken a peak at the Organizations plugin found on the Market page - the Organizations plugin wasn't meant to function some sort of directory, was it?  

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  • I meant to type "Will there be a directory plugin for Una?"     BTW,  once I've submitted a discussion heading, is there a way I can edit it?    

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    • There have been a few requests now. A n app for Classified Ads or as you say, a Directory.  You could configure the Market app like that, but it feels like a dedicated app is due. 

      Share examples of your favourite sites doing it and screenshots of key elements. Also everyone else is welcome to contribute ideas. 

      We will build it then. 

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      • I wish for both a classifieds app and a directory app.  However, if I had one choice, it would be the business directory app. 

        I will come back to list sites and post some screen shots of both classifieds and directories.  

        Thanks for considering both apps.  

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        • Share examples of your favourite sites doing it and screenshots of key elements.

          Andrew, you already have a good example in Dolphin. Why not something like the Ads or Classifieds from Dolphin in UNA?

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          • Above and beyond the ability to users / administrators to create groups and chat with one another... the money makers (plugins) on any social network platform are:

            - business directory (with business review system, e.g. star rating system with comment section)  

            - classified ads ( aka Market Place)

            - placement of 3rd party ads or an admin administered ads placement system 

            - dating platform

            - this one is a bigger job, I suspect, setup to allow individuals to create storefronts  and a choice of their 3rd party payment processor(s) 

            - etc.

            I'll eventually start a new post of each of the above suggestions if there aren't suggestions for one already

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            • I use a directory script called, "phpMyDirectory."  

              The developer, I suspect may have abandoned upgrading his project.

              Here is a link to the demo of his script.  You can visit the admin section too.  Not many developers are willing to show the admin section of their demo but this developer has.  Refer here  https://www.phpmydirectory.com/demo.html

              Here is a link to their documentation page https://phpmydirectory.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PMDDOC/overview?mode=global

              A link to the features list of phpmydirectory https://www.phpmydirectory.com/features.html

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