Email Issue

I don't get any bounced emails. Super annoyed.

People who signed up, emails sent to...

Gmail: yes and no, some get and some don't

Yahoo: yes and no, some get and some don't

I even asked them to check Junk/Spam.

  • https://www.spamhaus.org/lookup/

    I entered all 4 domains. All are not listed. Again. WTF?!

    • Are you using an SMTP service like Mandrill or sending from the server?

      • Aye, sending from the server using Postfix.

        • Maybe your Postfix is Postbroke 😀 

          • Very funny. 😛 

            Using other email providers works.

            Personally, I rather to ban gmail, hotmail, outlook, and yahoo than doing extra step for them.

            But then, other users may not want to create new email from different providers. Could be bad for business.

            • I sense that we should bite the bullet and create a whole UNA webmail module at some point. 

              • Andrew this webmail is a need in my scenario doctors portal. To keep them in the portal without need to go out any where.

                Actually now I am developing a integrated webmail system. My solution will work but it will not be in a professional level.

                Also with Facebook some more cross functionality will be perfect. Like seeing the facebook notifications from inside una etc.

                • Nathe Forden I would definitely not recommend blocking those providers. I myself use a Live (Hotmail) account daily. I don't see anything wrong with it and so far I am not having any issues with mail being sent out via my SMTP mail server. I have had a lot of problems before with Postfix on a servers running Ubuntu. I don't like it personally.

                  Andrew Boon I think that is a great idea.

                  Cem Bagdatli I would be interested in seeing how this works out. Also, I would like to talk more about your portal. I myself am working on something as well but it was using a different platform. I would like to see how UNA is used for that particular project.

                  • Solved

                    Same domain for nine years. I looked at BIND DNS Server, turned out TXT answer was bit different at domain registrar. Noted: It's better to copy from server and paste to registrar.

                    'Resend Confirmation' to users and they're getting it now. New signup users email confirmed faster without my help.

                    Jeremy  Sorry to hear, Postfix 3.3.0 along with Dovecot and filters like clamav, procmail and spamassassin running on Ubuntu 18.04.1 works flawlessly for me.

                    Andrew Boon  Why not! I would want end-to-end encrypted email like ProtonMail (web client - MIT license) which I have been using since 2016.