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Timeline Module - Hide from here

When selecting "Hide from here" in the timeline the item is removed completely from all instances of the Timeline.

  • There seems to be no ability to undo this action.

    Within the actions of the item of an item that has been hidden from the timeline (eg. a Post) an action button should exist to "reveal item in timeline"

    (Have even had a look under the hood in the database and cannot seem to find a way to manually undo this in the bx_timeline_events table or elsewhere.)

    Possibly someone can assist in aiding in locating this flag.

  • Also "Hide from here" should be localized. Hiding an item in the homepage timeline should not necessarily hide it from the Groups or Spaces timeline.

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    • Thank you for the report - https://github.com/unaio/una/issues/1640

      Regarding the Undo - it isn't revertible action.

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