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Events AND Channels - CLOSED

Are events listed in channels?

  • I tagged an event with in the description. 
  • Channel Donnerstag was created. 
  • But in the channel I see only this --> image attached

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  • I don't think tagged anything is listed in the channels. I am sure that the channel gets created and has it's own timeline to discuss the topic.

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    • Sorry guys, I should take a nap. I had not installed timeline mod *g.

      jeremy: tagged (nearly) everything is listed in the channels :)

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      • A 'Channel' acts as a context for all content that is hashtagged with the hashtag related to that module.  - So if I hashtag a post, an event and an image with #UNA - all those items will appear in the feed of the feed of the page for that channel. But yes of course you do need to have the Profile Fed Timeline block installed in the View Channels page.  I see that you have worked it out Peter - but for those who haven't this is done via Studio>Pages>Channels>ViewChannel

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