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Viewing videos via mobile Lucid template

OK, so looks a lot better however, when viewing videos via mobile on Lucid template, video exceeds mobile screen, please view picture. :)

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  • Hello Will!

    From my side, it looks fine on Android 5 / Chrome. Please specify - does it relate to the uploaded or embedded videos?

    • It does it on my laptop as well look LeonidS......

      • Yes, confirmed from my device too. But our default versions don't contain this trouble - may you specify the list of your changes with Videos app settings? Or in the site's media?

        • Nothing LeonidS , look at the app

          • It looks like you've changed design, this is the reason it's not fitting anymore, there is no such problem in the latest UNA version. I would suggest to revisit all your changes to find one which causes this.

            • Problem still occurs

              • Please refer to my previous answer. 

                • Do you mean the templates...if that's the case, then i would have  to disable other templates. That would not give the option to users switching to different templates which means all other UNA sites would have to do the same.

                  • Was you able to reproduce the issue on other sites?

                    • Unfortunately no, but here is using Ocean template. If you do not fix this problem, your only going to make it worst to allow the UNA PLATFORM to be a powerful platform. People don't like when a website does not look good via mobile. Once a user notices that pictures and videos are out of place via desktop or mobile, guess what, they will move on and probably never come back. I don't understand why your giving me a hard time on this.

                      • I don't understand why your giving me a hard time on this.

                        Because you need to resolve it by yourself, we can't do everything for you, you need to learn basic things by yourself, all we can do is to point you in the right direction - I have to repeat again -  please refer to my answer here:


                        • HI Will Monte - we offer a lot of support to clients in this forum, but there needs to be a limit to this scope. Usually any change to templates and design would involve a rigorous testing process at every stage to ensure the effective function of all apps. We continually test all of our templates and designs and will immediately seek to redress any bugs there, but when you change the design, the responsibility for testing moves back onto you.

                          If you need support at this level our team can help, but there would need to be a charge for the time involved. Please send me a PM if you would like to arrange this.

                          • Will it take a week for Will to get support; will your support people be sick and not inform that support is down?  Don't worry, I will take care of helping Will with this matter.

                            • In fact, everyone is doing what they can to help everyone here for two years, maybe you have not noticed. Do you ever make a constructive post? If yes, sorry, I did not see, but know that it would help everyone too.

                              • Alex T⚜️ i'm aware of more then the basics and i have been helping you guys with testing for a long time. Mark Purser i hear you bro, but how can the video have an obstructive view on all templates if i have not changed anything on ocean, protean, etc...? I also understand that you guys must be going nuts with many questions, but i have mentioned this numerous amount of times and nothing. The same thing occurs with banners, i sometimes don't want to continue to bother you guys cause i know how busy the team must be. As for Alex T⚜️ mentioning that "we can't do everything for you, you need to learn basic things by yourself" very funny and very unprofessional reply, don't twist things AlexT, i've brought up many "Bugs" UNA has had and you've created many fixes, due to my observations like many have done here as well. If i were to make any modifications, then on the next update, it can cause lots of problems. Also that option of forcing the update even though modifications were done is not a good idea. If anything that option should be "written differently or atleast a more clearer explanation as to why can the update be done by forcing it!" People are not going to like forcing an update! I don't like to modify anything for that reason, which is i don't want to screw anything up.

                                • What is the problem to follow my suggestion I gave you before ? did you even try it ?


                                  • I don't have any problem other then you not paying attention to an issue that has been mentioned numerous amount of times. I also have a problem that your informing several here to use the "force update option" on every update. You say that some of us cane use the force update option, yet you say sometimes that if modifications can cause a problem if an update is done.  I did use force update a while back which you advised me to do and it caused issues on my site. If you want to go back and forth here, I'm willing to do so, I can make all the time in the world to go back and forth. Please don't piss me off. Have a good day or night.

                                    • Hi Will - make no mistake, we appreciate all that you do with regard to experimenting and reporting bugs on our system. As you have seen many times, if they are bugs that are made on our system, we listen and act quickly to fix them.

                                      As I understand it, you have modified the Lucid template and this is causing an issue with the display of video after the update, is that correct?

                                      Alex has offered a suggestion, why not give it a go?

                                      • I am going to jump in as well.  Currently UNA is beta software.  Yes, it has reached RC stage but RC stage is still beta software.  Yet, Boonex is treating UNA as if it is not beta software which can contain bugs.  On top of that, Boonex is offering UNA as a production ready service with hosting etc.  This is just plain crazy.  The whole purpose of RC is to get people to test the software for bugs for free.  So Boonex should be willing to help here with the problem that Will has presented free, not, "Well bud, if you want help pay us."  Damn it Boonex, are you paying all of the people that are spending their time and server resources to test your BETA software?  I think Boonex owes Will an apology.

                                        • What you say would be correct if the problem could be reproduced, whether it is a beta bersion or a final version does not matter here.

                                          I compared Will's page with mine, it's missing from Will. If you compare the page of Will with mine (see screenshots) you see immediately where is the problem, you see that it is a problem of css and Will does not have the same files as the original.

                                          If I uncheck this:

                                          .bx-videos-entity-video video {
                                              max-width: 100%;

                                          So I have the same problem as him, and he does not have it.

                                          I sent my original main.css file from the video module to Will 3 days ago, and I have not heard from him since. Why?

                                          You see that Alex has given the right track, no answer either.

                                          • HI Baloo, I have not had the chance, spending time with my son. Happy Thanksgiving to u all!

                                            • Sorry Will Monte  I didn't want to hurt you in any way. But I can't help you if don't follow suggestions you were offered. 

                                              Thank you Baloo for providing exact instructions to Will.

                                              • Baloo you are a gentleman and a scholar... thanks for your efforts in keeping this forum as a productive and proactive space.

                                                • Hi Geek Girl - perhaps you overlooked the content of this thread before reacting to my response to Will? If you reflect upon what I wrote you will see that we do support any queries that are related to the core UNA platform and our modules. The Lucid template upon which we are commenting has been tested thoroughly and it works - if there are issues we are accountable and we will fix them.

                                                   But when people modify them, they essentially make them into there own product -  so it goes out of our range for providing direct support. We do modify UNA for specific requirements on behalf of many clients - but as these modifications do not feed into the core product we charge fees for this work.

                                                  In spite of what you seem to think - we truly value all of our contributors and do our best to provide detailed support wherever we can.

                                                  • Mark Purser i can try to understand the modification to the Lucid template, but the same issue occurs to the other templates. I have not had the chance to do any further testing due to a personal(family issue). I will try to conduct further testing when i can.

                                                    • I will repeat, Will is testing a beta product for Boonex and he is not getting paid to do so.  He is owed an apology for suggesting he paid for help when he is helping Boonex work out the bugs in this product.  I don't see Boonex valuing someone that has spent hours and money testing bugs in a beta product by suggesting they pay Boonex when Boonex is not paying Will for his work.

                                                      • To clarify, we do appreciate Will Monte helping us and asking questions here. Also I can see how Alex’s comment may come across as a bit brush, but for many people who know him it’s just the way he expresses in text, no ill will intended, just cryptic. We are on the lookout for big reports and we have to be able to reproduce them to accurately fix. 

                                                        Again, thank you Will Monte and thank you Baloo for contributing to this discussion. 

                                                        • Lets just get along and move forward, many good people here and a very nice community up in here. On the flip side, i will try to help on testing but i have other issues going on. :)

                                                          • OK, looking into the issue the videos are breaking out of their container.  Now, it was "suggested" that Will had made code changes on his site and that it was his fault that videos are not displayed correctly.  Now Will does not make code changes; he employs me for that task and I haven't made any code changes.  Here is the video tag:

                                                            If you look, there is an inline style being applied that is setting the max height of the video to 480 pixels but no width.  Where is this video tag generated?  Is it possible that this was changed; benefit of the doubt to the one that claimed Will broke the code, and was not applied during an update?  There should be NO inline styles unless they can be changed in the studio.

                                                            • What GG is saying is true, i don't make any changes with coding. If any of you can help here it would be nice!

                                                              • Any advice here, could use help?

                                                                • I've asked Leonid to have a look, please provide him your site access.

                                                                  • Alex T⚜️ thanks, i just sent LeonidS a message via messenger....