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Some questions and may be a BUG

2  missing lang keys in studio/banners/blocks

  • _aqb_banners_page_title_sys_inj_banner_bottom
  • _aqb_banners_page_title_sys_inj_banner_top


  • How to remove unwanted/unneeded Prices/blocks in ../studio/banners/prices?
  • How many Banners in one BLOCK can be handled by the banner-rotator?

A Bug creating a Banner

  • Using the NOW button for date/time
  • with or without DONE confirmation
  • banner is not shown
  • Using the date by selection in calendar, banner is shown correctly 

Image attached

  • 206
  • Uploader should be able to view Banners in full after upload or for editing

    image attached is 400 x 120 pixel (original size)

    • Hello

      1. Missing keys.
      It's the bug and it will be fixed in the nearest update.

      2. How to remove unwanted/unneeded Prices/blocks in ../studio/banners/prices?
      There is no way to do it. The Prices manager shows all available blocks which you can change the pricing options for.

      3. How many Banners in one BLOCK can be handled by the banner-rotator?
      There is no any limitations here. All active banners for a block will be rotated in it.

      4. Date picker.
      The app uses standard UNA date picker which is used in some other default apps like Events and system features. When you click Now the picker enters the time. Looks like your local time doesn't correctly transfer in server time and therefore you cannot see the banner immediately. It will be autoactivated later. I'll try to reproduce the issue on my end and fix it.

      5. Uploader should be able to view Banners in full after upload or for editing.
      As I see you are saying about images' preview in Create\Edit forms. It has standard dimensions while you may create banner types with any dimensions you want.

      Best Regards

      • Thx Anton.

        ad 4. OK, thx for the explanation

        ad 5. That is not a good solution. An advertiser should be able to see to ''Full Banner'' after upload before publishing the banner. Is it possible to do change it like that?

        • 1. Another SMALL but important BUG:

          Choosing pay per Day the caption for Number of Units field ''Days'' is OK. But this should change if user selects ''pay per impression'' to Impressions AND ''pay per clicks'' to Clicks.

          Alternativly please write ''Number of Days/Impressions/Clicks'', but that would look quite unprofessional. 

          Image enclosed.

          2. Is some kind of moderation/approval of banners by admin planned? Right now people could advertise anything they want... not that good

          • Another BUG found in Banners Module, lets call it the ''Zero Pay Bug''

            • Free Mode for Banner disabeld
            • discount set for day 1 - 3 to 100% discount (I dont want free banners but want to give the users the possibility to have free banners for three days each)
            • banner is in cart for price 0 €
            • checkout from cart brings error 500

            images attached

            • Administration of the Banners is a pain, as they are not visible in the dashboard main listings. Imagine you have some hundreds of banners...

              Very helpful would be some enhancements and they would make the module much better:

              • additional sort orders by BANNER blocks
              • additional columns with tiny previews of the banners in dashboard listings
              • better search. right now it is not clear what the banner search is for
              • Creating TEXT BANNERS needs a lot of patience and user-experience, atm nearly unusable  

                • Admin can define the size of a Textbanner, good.
                • lets say 400x120 pixel
                • A user wants to create this Textbanner and for that he has the default text-editor. Not more. 
                • How should the user know how many letters are left? And how the created Banner will look?
                • A certain kind of wysiwyg input-mask is urgently needed, without this mask Textbanner Blocks are more or less unusable.
                • Hello

                  Thank you for the reports and suggestions!

                  Currently we are working with a new version of Banners app.
                  We'll fix the issues and try to implement useful suggestions as much as possible.

                  Best Regards

                  • Thx for your reply Anton. To fullfill the mission ''Make the Banner Module Great Again *g '' some more suggestions from my side. Una urgently needs an extended Banner Module.

                    1. Banner Block Limit. Possibility to Limit the amount of ACTIVE Banners per single Block by admin. 
                    2. Pipeline per Block. If the set amount of active Banners in a block is reached, newly added Banners go to this pipeline. Banners get some kind of pipeline-rank, visible for the user. Banners in Pipeline replace free Bannerspace according to its rank in the pipeline.
                    3. Banner Express Button (charged extra) to override the Pipeline Rank. Interesting for users with urgent needs.
                    4. List/table of Blocks showing the Banner Block, the amount of active Banners and the amount of Banners waiting in the pipeline. Can be set visible for users.
                    5. Multiselect Blocks in add banner menue. Right now only one block can be selected (or all, actually not working)
                    6. Free AND paid Banners. Atm only free OR paid banner mode is possible. Change to Free AND paid banners. Possible settings could be: 
                      1. Set by single block
                      2. Show paid banners xy times as often than free ones
                      3. Show free banners only, when no paid banners are active. 
                      4. Rank free banners BEHIND paid ones, pipeline version as decribed above.
                    7. Free AND Paid BLOCKS according to free AND paid banners. Admin sets up the amount of allowed free banners by block.
                    8. Banner Approval by admin/mod.  Atm all banners are published immediatly. Change settings to ''needs approval''. Notify admin and admin/mod has to approve
                    9. LIMIT duration of FREE Banners. Possibility to limit Free banners, clicks, views and day limit. Set by admin for each single block.
                    10. LIMIT duration of PAID Banners. Same as free.

                    • BUG - GHOSTBLOCK in studio/banners/prices

                      Tested with events module. After deleting the events mod and reinstallation of it, the ''old'' banner blocks created for the event module pages in studio/banner/prices were not deleted together with the uninstallation of the event module.


                      • New banner blocks on same pages in studio/banner/blocks are denied with message ''block allready exists''
                      • ''Old Banners'' of these banner blocks are homeless and still listed in banner administration, they would need some kind of relocation button.
                      • Creating of similar types in studio/banner/types is not possible, message ''type allready exist''

                      • Something still conflicts with the studio/settings/cache --> JScache setting.

                        Banner Module doesn't work properly with JScache enabled

                        • TEXT BANNER PROBLEMS

                          • Creating a text Banner
                          • write caption, OK
                          • write the text, OK
                          • preview --> 
                            • caption shown
                            • text NOT shown
                          • create the banner, OK
                            • caption & text shown
                          • Notification to admin for banner aproval is missing

                            the approval itself works fine, thy 4 that important modification

                            • Hello

                              Thank you for the report. I'll fix the issue with approval banners counter in Dashboard -> Manage block in the next update. By the way admins/moderators should receive notifications via email about all new approval banners. It should force them to check new banners faster.

                              P.S. You are welcome and thank you for your support and ideas!

                              Best Regards

                              • What about the TEXT BANNER Problem mentioned in the previous post?

                                • What about the studio/settings/cache --> JScache setting mentioned in the previous post? 

                                  • I cannot reproduce the issue on my end.
                                    Do you use standard HTML editor or Froala?

                                    • Could you please describe in more details how can I reproduce the issue?

                                      • I use the FROALA editor and YES, the BUG with the textbanners is a FROALA thing. I just tested with ''froala disabled''. Now the procedure create-preview-post of creating textbanners is ok.

                                        So How will You solve this issue?

                                        • JS CACHE:

                                          Enabling JS Cache Banner mod does not work.  tested FireFox and chrome  again --> no calendar popup, no reaction on preview button, no textfield to enter text +++ the same results as I posted this problem some days before

                                          As we also have discussed the problem with JS Cache and my bookmarks module, we need some kind of ''interim'' solution, that means ''JS cache disabled'' in studio/settings/cache and after that a real bugfixing, no matter WHAT the source of this BUG is. The modules or the corefiles... only You know :)

                                          May be You should describe the problems with ''JS Cache enabled'' on the module pages of banners and bookmarks. So everybody saves time ;)

                                          • Any Solution for the PREVIEW TEXTBANNER BUG as described above (13 Nov 2018, TEXT BANNER PROBLEMS)?

                                            • Hello

                                              I'm sorry for the delay.
                                              I'm working with the issue and release an update when the problem is resolved.

                                              Best Regards

                                              • Hello

                                                I've released an update (up to 2.0.1 version) with bug fixes.
                                                JS and Preview issues should be fixed.
                                                Don't forget to clear cache after the update is applied.

                                                Best Regards

                                                • Thx, this PREVIEW TEXTBANNER BUG  is solved :)

                                                  • NEXT PROBLEM: Free Banner for users is a great feature! But right now, users are able to add FreeBanners unlimited in duration or number of impressions /clicks. A desaster on a productive site! Imagine dozens of banners set to hundreds of days or thenthousands of clicks/impressions.... 

                                                    To limit the amount of banners per user can be easily set in the permissions (I have set 1 banner every 720 hours=30 days)

                                                    --> How To limit the duration in days or number of clicks/impressions as ''preset value'' when a user creates a free banner?  We need something in studio/banners/setting like: If Free Banners enabled, then set duration to xy days, or amount xy of clicks/impressions

                                                    • You are welcome! :)

                                                      • Hello

                                                        Main idea of the app is selling ads places to site members. In this case "Free mode"  was added mainly for testing purpose. It's needed for site owner to pre configure the app: activate necessary placeholders, check how banners will appear and so on. Therefore there is no extended settings for this mode. But I'll think your suggestion and may be include in the next version.

                                                        P.S. Thank you for your suggestions and bug reports!

                                                        Best Regards