group join request not showing up on site

I get an email about the request but how do I confirm the person's request to join? It does not show up on the site.

  • Hello  Joseph!

    The owner / admin of the group will get a notification about new member's join and on the tab "Members" of this Group may control all old and new members requests.

    • Is there any way to make the notification appear on the site under the notifications tab? The notification is not showing up.

      • From my side,  the notification "Group {name of the group} has a join request from member {name of the member}" arrives. Do you see it on your notification list?

        • No I am not getting any notifications for join requests or anything else on the site, only in the email. Notifications for likes, fans, etc are not showing up on the site or even in the email. 

          I removed the notifications app and reinstalled it with notifications version "9.0.14 ", but it says "This module is not compatible with your version of UNA". In my dashboard, it says "Version: 9.0.0-RC13 Installed". Is there a newer UNA update? I didn't modify anything.

          • Alright I got the notification app reinstalled, but still no changes.

            • I found the problem. It is in the thread below. The admin isn't automatically following the group they created so there is no site notification sent out. I guess I just need to remove the option for join conformation. 😟