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Ok so here goes, i noticed that when posting a video on timeline or profile page, it does pop up, but when user clicks on the title to view the post of the video, no video is shown. Please view pictures for reference.

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  • Can someone please visit their "view video" layout and see if i'm missing a block?

    • "I did create a post on the timeline and it shows up there, but not here." 

      Are you using the "update" part of the timeline? Timeline updates for videos and photos do not get put into the videos app or photos app. Those timeline posts are only visible in the timeline, not on the view videos page or the view photos page. That is why the "create post (context)" form was developed. (unified post form)

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      • I'm using the create post block

        • Hello Will

          As I see are writing about 2 different video posting features:
          1. Post video in Timeline app.
          2. Post video in Videos app.
          Post to Timeline form allows to make a post attaching link, photo and video. This is a direct post inside Timeline app. In the same time you may post new video using Plus Menu -> Video. I this case video posting will be processed with Videos app and doesn't connect with Timeline app. Yes, you should see notification about such video in timeline but this video will be created inside Videos app. Screenshots provided by you are related to creating a video inside Videos app. But at the beginning you are saying about posting on Timeline.

          If you posted a video using Plus Menu and the Video block from screenshot №2 has correct settings you should see at least a block with empty player while the video wasn't completely processed. 

          Also you need to check whether you have the newest version of Videos app. Block may disappear if something wrong with block's template.

          Best Regards

          • Correct Anton L i just confirmed what you described. So is there a way to disable that feature of posting video url? I just confirmed that yes, if user uploads the video, it will appear when re-directed to the actual video.

            • Is this what you are talking about? In studio: navigation>timeline>form attachments 

              • Checking.....

                  • 😎 Yaaay I helped to solved my first case! 😇 

                    • No the problem still occurring. Thanks for your time, tired over here....

                      • 😭 😭 😭 

                        • ...ok one last try, I think I know what you are saying. You are using the unified post form and you are embedding videos with embed.ly through froala in the video post form on the timeline. If so, on my end there is no thumbnail, because I just embedded the video without uploading a photo, but the video shows up on the videos homepage and when I click on the video it plays on the view videos page. If that is what is going on and you can't see the video on the view videos page, then there is an issue. If needed, you can remove the video embed link in studio: Froala>settings> by removing "embedly" from the toolbar buttons, but the issue still won't be solved.

                          There should be a feature that automatically turns video links and embedded videos into playable videos just by pasting the link in the text area of any form.

                          • Edit: 

                            Wait I got it! I reproduced the problem! You need to deactivate the "videos" block on the view video page and reactivate the "text" block. Because when you post embedded videos using embed.ly in Froala in the united post form in the timeline, you are posting it into the default "text" field. Try that and see if it works. You can't delete the "text" block, because there is no delete button on the popup.

                            • Yes that is what I had to do, but the problem is that when you enter the video in embedly, it redirects the user to "view video."

                              • Edit: I tried this and the redirect happened to me when both "create post (context)" and the "post to feed" blocks were activated on the same page. 

                                • I will get back to you soon, still doing some testing but, haven't had much time lately. Thanks for trying to help.

                                  • Actually it isn't allowed to post video without uploading it in Videos module. If you are inserting video embed then you can make post in module Posts. In the future we'll extend Videos module functionality to allow embeds: