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Wrong text in Paid Level App

Hi there

In the Paid Levels App the default Name is premium-1-day when you select monthly payment. May confuse someone. 

  • Stripe used to work but doesn't work now. When a standard member clicks on upgrade they get the list of premium memberships but no button to click on to pay.

    Any ideas?

    All the best


    • Hello Finn 

      1. 'premium-1-day' is an autogenerated unique name which is needed for some payment providers like Stripe and Chargebee creating subscription plans. Common site members won't see it anywhere.

      2. 'no button to click on to pay' - as I understood from previous message the paid levels in the app were created. May be payment provider itself wasn't completely configured. It's hard to say anything specifically without checking the site. But take a look at 'Site administrator' setting in Studio -> Payments app. This settings is significant in case of Paid Levels selling. If you provide me (via PM) with your UNA Studio access info I'll check it.

      Best Regards