Are you using the old or the new stripe API?


Stripe launched a new API 8. November. Is your Stripe API using the old or the new API for paid membership levels?

My stripe payment worked before but I can't make it work now. Below is the text from Stripe explaining what they have upgraded.

Here's a few major changes that may affect you:

  • The id field of invoice line items for subscriptions is no longer set to the subscription ID, but instead to a unique ID. The subscription ID is now contained in the subscription field and the subscription_item field contains the subscription item ID.
  • When creating or updating subscriptions, the default value of trial_from_plan is now false, meaning that a subscription will not automatically inherit a plan's trial_period_days. If a subscription is already trialing, switching to a new plan without specifying trial_from_plan will maintain the trial. We recommend setting an explicit trial per subscription instead of setting trials on plans.
  • The plan object attributes name and statement_descriptor have been deprecated. Plans are now linked to product objects by the product attribute on plans. The name and statement_descriptor attributes of the linked product are now used instead. An error is now returned if name or statement_descriptor are passed to POST /v1/plans.
  • Allows a new subscription's first full invoice to be on a future date, by specifying billing_cycle_anchor, with an optional proration up to that date.
  • Payouts were moved out of Transfers into their own resource. /v1/payouts now represents moving money from a Stripe account to a bank account or debit card, and /v1/transfers now represents Connect platforms moving money between Stripe accounts.