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Malware Detection - Security

Dear All,

The company running the server where I've started my UNA project just sent me an e-mail indicating the possible presence of Malware code (please see the attachment for a screenshot).

I understand that sometimes this is not as bad as it sounds, but just to be in the safe side I would like to double-check this with the community and maybe have a general take on aspects of security with UNA. Is this thoroughly discussed anywhere?

Many thanks,


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    • Techs will comment on this specific warning, but generally in regards to malware point - UNA is fully open-source, so it can be reviewed in every aspect. 


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      • I don't see any Malware on the screenshot, if you can send all the details of this detection via private messenger I can investigate it more carefully.

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        • Hi Alex,

          Many thanks. Not sure what happened - In the meantime the site was reported as clean.

          There was in fact no further info I could see more than what I passed along in this post.



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