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It seems that the maximum number of labels is limited by the parameter "Maximum number of hashtags per article" = ex 5.

I do not know if it's voluntary. But this is a little strange for the user in practice, he has a list of 15 labels, he chooses 10 but only 5 are saved. I understand that these are predefined hashtags, but in the case of labels, should not this be independent?

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  • Labels are build on hashtags, we introduced it to make it a bit easier to handle and it can be used for a bit different purposes. 

    But is looks like the system should't allow to specify more labels than allowed number: https://github.com/unaio/una/issues/1911

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    • Thanks Alex, yes, in my case, I found him a more particular use, allows to choose among a list of topics of discussion topic, and thus find people with common points in one click. Very interesting for me.

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