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Cloning the "POSTS" module

I would like to Clone the "Posts" module to a new independent module.
To do that, I made a copy of "Posts" folder and renamed it "Hospitals"

Hospitals would then become a new independent module, BUT... which other data would I need to change to make it fully unique?
I guess that any [posts_] entry would have to be changed to [hos_] or something like that.

Tried once before and had to re-install UNA - twice.
Now she is angry with me... *sigh*-women

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  • Hello Pethol!

    After the renaming of the app folder, you need to correct the modules/boonex/hospitals/install/config.php and modules/boonex/posts/install/sql/install.sql. Replace there all bx_posts prefixes to yours. Then in all files from classes folder replace all BxPosts to yours too. And find in the whole folder all callings of this prefixes. Usually, that's enough to app's reborn.

    • You are an angel!!! Can I adopt you?

      • Am also exactly working on something similar on posts sections.

        • Okay - If I get it to work, I will make a template with a walkthrough manual and share it with everybody. I changed all the filenames in folder /classes. I think it was a mistake.

          In the template I'will write every value that need to be changed as [me_change](for SQL) or [MeChange](for classes), so it becomes clear even for the slowest snowflake.

          It annoys me I have to do this instead of being able to work with what I need to work with. But once the template is done, It is the shortcut from learning how the UNA forms work.

          If I sit with a pilot and he begin to talk pilot jargon, i will be lost. On the other hand, if I begin to talk psychology jargon, the pilot will be lost. The middle way is to be able to speak about specific things in a normal understandable language.
          An example, I spent three years in Sri Lanka translating Buddhist Pali scripts to English. This is immensely difficult, because
          1) The Hindus hated the Buddha and made a vast number of changes in his teachings to protect the Caste and Hinduism.
          2) The written texts are 2nd hand deliveries (every text with "thus I have heard").
          3) There are words in Pali which has many meanings, depending on topic/situation/how it is addressed.
          4) Many of the words used in Pali does not even exist in English.
          5) Many of the old Indian languages were designed for different purposes. The Khmer language has its origin in Southern India, from a language used for poetry. Pali and Sanskrit are descriptive languages used for writing fiction. LOTS of adjectives.
          6) The Buddha himself, did not speak Pali or Sanskrit, but a 2500 year old local Nepalese dialect.

          So all in all, there are many barriers when delivering information from a source to the rest of the world.

          The human species has been around for some 200.000 years, and we still have not found solutions to the most basic problems we have. Most of our basic knowledge we learned/stole from animals around us... And we still call ourselves "intelligent"... pffff...

          • LeonidS Does this work with all apps? I would like to clone and rename a few as well.

            • If you mean the attempts to clone the default modules via the way from above - yes, it works so. Just be sure to choose the proper "original".