Jot Messenger vs RockeChat

What is the difference between Rocketchat and messenger? Don't they both serve the same purpose? Is there a benefit on installing both, or can just one of them will do?


  • Rocket.Chat is a great chat app for a "go to have a chat" experience. Users need to specifically want to go into the chat section to engage in talks. 

    Jot Messenger is a direct messenger, fully integrated with UNA profiles and pages. Much like Facebook messenger for example.  User doesn't need to think about going anywhere to engage - its a direct contact, as long as they're on site. 

    They do have plenty of overlapping use cases though. As we develop Jot more it would reduce the need for even more. 

    • Thank you, that is the info i was looking for. :)

      • I'm looking forward to being in 2045 ;-)