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Invitation Module

I am trying to figure out how to show the invitation Module where it gives the option to send invites by email or generate a link.

Is this a module I would need to create?

I am using Decorous template, I was able to create a footer link to invite friends by email, but would like to have the option for generating a link too.

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  • Hello Tinboye !

    First of all, you need to install Invitations app (included to UNA PowerApps). 

    After its installation, enter to the Settings tab there and turn on "Enable registration by invitation only" parameter. In this case when the visitors of your UNA site will click a "Register" link they will be informed about the registration by invitation only with the offer to fill a form to get an invitation link. In the tab "Requests" operator will see the lists of the new guest and may send invitations to all who looks good for his site. So every user gets an individual link and no sense to show it somewhere else except the letters.

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    • here is a screenshot of my page
      the issue I have is the theme I am using Decorous does not use the module. 

      https://i.imgur.com/QDSt3Ns.png is a screenshot of the homepage.

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      • ok i figured out what i had to do, i needed to make a new page, called invite, then i had to add the blocks to that page. then create a custom menu item and add to existing menus


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        • Sorry, but this part

          https://i.imgur.com/QDSt3Ns.png is a screenshot of the homepage. 

          shows us the site from the logged account. If you make a log out and Invitations app was installed then guests will seethe  message like:


          Without special pages creation. 

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