Creating a new language

What exactly and how do i accomplish the last step (step 9) https://github.com/unaio/una/wiki/Creating-new-language-module 

"9. Packaging module:
/path/to/phing package_module -Dvendor=your_vendor_folder_name -Dmodule=your_module_folder_name
ZIP file for the module will appear in /packages/ folder in your UNA root directory."



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  • You need to install phing and then run above command by replacing your_vendor_folder_name and your_module_folder_name with your real values.

    • 1. Is there a quicker/safer way to translate the language files without going directly into the es.xml file? I can translate the words no problem, but I see a risk when doing it directly in the xml file since it is easy to mess up some of the code/strings around the words. I was thinking maybe a code editor or some type of script that can filter out just the words that need to be translated, something like what we see in the Polyglot.

      2. For packaging the new translated language module, can I just zip it on my local computer using winzip and then upload it to a manually created /package/ folder in my website root?



      • 1. You can use any code editor with syntax highlight, for example https://notepad-plus-plus.org

        2. Packaging is needed to publish module in the market, if you are using the module for your own needs then you can just copy the folder with the module to another site, or zip and unzip it, just make sure that the folder is the same where modules was created in. 

        • Is there a way to separate frontend language keys from backend when translating to another language? In my case, all i need is to translate the frontend for the spanish speaking community. How do i know what strings are for the frontend?


          • Usually keys which start with "_adm" or contain "_adm_" in the key name are related to the Studio.

            • I didn't understand how to accomplish step 9 neither.

              Ok, so I got me phing 2.16.0... but

              1. It's not clearly said from where to run phing? Just guessing: the root of my una installation...

              2. phing is requesting a file named "build.xml" - where is it? It's not part of my UNA-v.9.0.0-RC3.zip archive I installed from. Finally found it on https://github.com/unaio/una and copied it to my site

              Running phing again actually ended up with a newly created 'packages' directory and my language archive inside.

              Yeah, basically working, but all in all a little confusing and time consuming. :)

              • Thank you for pointing this out, I've corrected the documentation.