Blocking members on UNA

I would like to know what are the rules here in regards to posting issues. I received a message from a use names Kate T stating the following...


Just a quick note to say that some of your
postings here on have been removed. We generally clear all
test, unused, duplicate or irrelevant content. It’s perfectly OK to
post those to try out how the system works, but we do have to remove
them to keep the site clean and meaningful. 
Thank you for


So here is my question, if we "users" in the community are going to make a post here regarding issues in which can help others if they do a search and then it gets deleted by others then whats the purpose of posting something that can help others. If this is the new way UNa is going to treat members in this community, then i just cancel everything...go to boonex and open a forum and let others know that our questions and concerns are being deleted here in UNA. How can i block members here? I don't have time to be posting question, concerns, feedback and solutions, if they will be DELETED.

  • I believe there's been some kind of confusion. Kate is tasked with deleting "dummy" content and spam. Things like "this is a test post". We don't plan to limit surpress opinion sharing. Could you elaborate on what was deleted exactly?

    • Andrew, i can't elaborate more on what was removed, because i don't know what was removed. There are many of long time users over at boonex who create a post in forum for many reasons, one of them is so that if another users types in the search keywords then hopefully they can find an answer to their question. If you want my opinion with this policy that post in the forums will be deleted, i would have to reply with i think many old time users will be very bothered by it. If someone cant tell the difference between a legit post and a spam post, then they should not be responsible with that TASK.


      Example of a spam post.......( Hello, i have a website that can use feedback and suggestions, please come and visit...Sneakers At low price!)  <----------- That is definitely a spam post. Now i know not to ask questions here, its a waste of my time if they will be removed.

      • Many users posts  sample posts/photos/polls/etc to just try UNA, such posts are deleted as well, if they aren't directly related to UNA.

        • Again if they can't properly describe what was deleted, then perhaps that person should NOT be assigned to perform that TASK. 

          Users WILL NOT like to receive a message that is not properly written, with the exact details of what was deleted.



          • Nothing critical is deleted, sometimes a lot of content is deleted, saving/describing each deleted content is not time wise. Providing link to the deleted content has no sense since content is already deleted. 

            • No kidding, obviously i don't know what post or thread of mine was deleted. She needs to clarify in her message what was deleted...if anything was deleted. Users will not like their legit threads or post to be deleted.

              • That's right. We will be providing more details. And rest assured that we are not deleting anything of substance. Only test postings are removed.