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Post Photos to Own Feed Not Public

I am wondering if there is a way to turn off so to speak posting photos automatically goes to public feed. Would be much better if defaulted to users own timeline versus public feed. I'd like only pages or spaces that members belong to display photos or posts for them. Not have the public timeline display everything to everyone.

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  • Then just hide public Timeline, that's it.

    • I have set the block Feed (Outline) as inactive and added the block Feed (Timeline) now in Developer --> Pages --> Homepage. It now shows mine and my friends posts. This is how I want it to be because I will create a separate page and link for Public Outline if users wish to go there. 

      I figured out how to make the Feed Timeline look just like the Public Outline in terms of layout. Original code is 

      array (
        'module' => 'bx_timeline',
        'method' => 'get_block_view_account',

      I added _outline to the end of method:

      array (
        'module' => 'bx_timeline',
        'method' => 'get_block_view_account_outline',

      • great solution!