Audio Player

Will there be a audio player like there is on Dolphin?

  • There is no such module like Music or Sounds in UNA, when we'll create such module then we'll add audio player as well. 

    Or maybe we'll add audio player to Albums or Files module.

    • I'm not sure about other users but we have (3) other Boonex Dolphin sites and the audio player is one of the most used features on those sites.  Hopefully someone will create a module for this platform.  What would be ideal is a Soundcloud module.

        • Devin, do you mean a SoundCloud integration module? There're many ways to approach this, and I understand that when you talk about SC it may mean embeds from them? This would be relatively simple, but naturally, we'd need to support local audio upload and player. Depending on the goal it may be more like a "flat" sound-file sharing, which would probably work just fine as a part of Albums app update, or it may be more of a music-specific module with albums, album covers, "songs", etc. That's more of a niche app that we'd rather see someone else develop for UNA.

          Would you mind sharing more about how you see it and what is your perfect example of the audio app?

          • I would like to see support for local audio in a way that when a file is uploaded the system can recognize it as sound file and provide the player in the "Files" section. Just like when a picture is uploaded to "files" the picture is displayed.

            Embedding youtube videos to the Feed is also a must, i think.

            • Specifically pertaining to our applications, we have two Boonex Dolphin sites that are music related.  One is for independent recording artists ( )   The other is for professional DJs ( ).  Both are industry related.  

              Most of the users want to post their demos on the sites for other music professionals to review.  Most are already members of either soundcloud (independent recording artists) or mixcloud (professional djs).    So something  where these third-party players can be embedded OR a local player where users can upload songs to their page or profile.

              What I'm interested in doing is using the UNA website for the public to interact with these DJs and recording artists and listen to their work.

              sample embed code:    <iframe width="100%" height="60" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe>