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Why am I not getting any replies from the UNA team?

What is going on with UNA ?

I was in contact with the support by email. They answer me every day, until I send my code of Dolphin, to receive a new code for UNA. Then the communication stops, no answer at all, also not to other questions, or when I ask what is going on. It has been more than a week now since the last reply.

Also I can barely find any templates for the UNA website, and the only one I do find, when I send a message to the builder, I also get no reply. 

Maybe better to wait, and simply stay with Dolphin? 

Please send me my license for Una, and help me!

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  • Hi Jelrik the person who was handling your ticket has taken unexpected leave due to a family matter, I will follow up and see if we can expediate the request. 

    • That's sad to hear. I hope he will be fine. 

      Thanks for following up on my ticket.

      • Also you should note that UNA has a very powerful templating system, so you can create, import and export different styles for each template. 

        • I am not that technical :p Hoping that there will be more video tutorials. The intro video of 44 minutes was great! But not deep enough. 

          • I agree. More tutorials and walk throughs needed for the non developer 

            • Another week has passed. Still no reply to my last emails, but much more importantly, i still dont have my UNA license. PLEASE help me!

              • Hello Jelrik !

                Sorry for delays - you Dolphin license has been converted to UNA.

                • Thanks so much! 😃 

                  • Whats the purpose of converting a Dolphin license to UNA ? Is there a bennift i dont know about ?

                    • It’s just that if you bought a Dolphin license in the past you can use it to access UNA PowerApps without monthly fee. 

                      • Well mine is a bit older than that. By a few years. But honestly i am thinking about putting una on the back burner for now.n There just are not enough mods to keep people active on the site . That is the only problem i have with UNA

                        • True.

                          But some of the mods I use in my Dolphin website, are already included in Una out of the box :) 

                          For the rest, I will start contacting the guys who made the mods I used for Dolphin, hoping that they will do the same for UNA.

                          • I would argue that to keep people active on the site it is not at all necessary to have a lot of mods. Too many features could be even detrimental to engagement. Think MySpace vs Instagram for example. People come for dopamine, which is triggered by content discovery and social approval. Work out your niche, focus on the best content promotion and support your best contributors. 

                            • Sorry i have to say you are way off base with that one. All that comment is doing is defending your product.