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I have a few suggestions, problems, ideas

First of, I would like to thank all Una team for making this amazing software that we can all enjoy for free. I am working on a project of mine. The website will try and have something from all popular social networks and mostly from Reddit.

Una has most of the things needed for my projects like Spaces and Discussions. But I need more. My budget is very low and I have only one other friend that helps me a bit with the project.

I am currently using Spaces and Discussions like Subreddits and the Timeline to display the content posted and to help users post images, videos and links.

Now here comes my suggestions and problems:

  • Any content (posts, discussions and even polls) posted on a Space, won't show on the module pages. For example, if I post a discussion on a Space, and if a user goes to the Discussions pages (New, Top...), nothing appears there, except for Discussions that are public, not posted in a Space. Why is this a thing? Aren't those discussions, still discussions? Is this a privacy thing? The Space is public BTW.
  • Why isn't there a Top Persons section? Maybe by followers, by Likes or content posted.
  • What about a My Followed or My Joined Spaces on profiles?
  • No number of Space followers or members on Space profile page? Maybe on the Info block?
  • I know about the Glossary module, can it be turned into a Wiki? Or maybe create a Wiki module.
  • Am I the only one who thinks that a Karma or a points system would be great on Una? Or a Ranking system based on activity the users have on the platform.
  • Another key supporting module to the Karma would be a voting with plus and minus or likes and dislikes system.

I know these are just things I need for my project, but I think more people would love to have them too. Thank you for reading.

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  • Hello stan laurentiu !

    First of all, thank you for your warm words about our software! Let's review your questions:

    1) Any content ... - correct, all content from Space / Group belong to "parent" as it is "better" to them

    2) Why isn't there a Top Persons ... - there is no universal solution and we want to keep the possibility to developers to add own variants of "top" areas

    3) What about a My Followed ... - you may enable the proper blocks via Stuido->Pages app

    4) I know about the Glossary module ... - it is a little different than Wiki. About Wiki integration - we don't have plans to do it, so this area is free

    5) About Karma - some developers have the Points system in plans, so watch the news here.

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    • I do not use other functions, however.

      2. A "popular" section for people should be added. When I suggested the vote for the person, I had also suggested the heading, only the vote was added. Too bad.
      4. I use the "glossary" module as FAQ, just rename. I find it works great for this purpose, you can see here. Just rename "term", "terms", glossary "=>" FAQ "(I did it in French, I still have to do it in English).

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      • Up: AQB Soft Where are you with the points module? Worse ... Even here on Una.io as Andrew said a long time ago.

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        • FAQ was a need for me too, good suggestion Baloo  thanks

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          • "What about a My Followed or My Joined Spaces on profiles?"

            I would like to be able to put "joined" blocks on the homepage so when people sign in, all of their stuff is in one spot and they don't need to look for it.

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            • Hello!

              As we mentioned here https://una.io/page/view-discussion?id=2128 points system is ready and we are writing description.

              There was created flexible panel for actions and it requires special testing and description.  Almost done!

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              • Waiting impatiently :)

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                • Your link is broken...and can't wait to get my hands on the points system.

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