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Add option Automatic account deletion or...

So, every day I have a lot of accounts created without any profile. Would it be possible to add an option "Automatic deletion of accounts if profile not created after x hours?

Note that on this subject, I wonder why you allow this. It should not create the account at the base if the second form is not validated. It's something that never happened in dolphin and it's really frustrating ...

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  • We definitely need automatic account deletion for this. Maybe after something like 30 days it gets deleted.

    • We believe it isn't correct to delete such profiles, but make everything possible to make user to create profile finally, so we added special panel which notifies user about it and don't allow to do anything else. 

      Also there is an option to create profile automatically, so user don't need to create it.

      • 1. Mostly it's fake profiles, I see it in the name of the account style "emanuelmacron" and ip.
        2. a.Yes the special panel is a good idea, it can be effective only in the immediate. Once the member disconnected, why would an account that did not create a profile within 3 days, come back to create it a week later? That never happens that's why this suggestion.
        2. b. To work as you expected, it would take at least a reminder email style "You have created an account, but you have not yet created a profile ..." but my opinion is that if the member does not did not do it right away, he will never do it.
        3. You can use automatic account creation here on una.io because you can settle for profiles that do not say anything about their owner and that you never visit. At home, such profiles = death assured of my site.

        I ask you to automatically delete these many accounts, and somehow you answer me, there is no need it never happens.

        Me in practice, I see that though.

        So, maybe you could tell me a cleaning script that I could run by cron?

        • What about unconfirmed *profiles? Can they be automatically deleted? I just see them as being spam accounts.

          edit: *accounts.

          • I forgot this argument, Genesis rightly, many of these profiles are not confirmed in addition.

            • Thank you for your arguments, we'll try to implement it in the future: