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Moving una to new domain

So i had my old dolphin script on my domain ghostwareglobal.com, and i installed una on new.ghostwareglobal.com, I migrated dolphin over to una. then i deleted dolphin files from ghostwareglobal.com, then I moved all files and folders from new.ghostwareglobal.com folder to ghostwareglobal.com folder. Edited the files which contained new.ghostwareglobal.com and changed to ghostwareglobal.com, did the same in the database.
issue I am having now is that when I click on links like to login i get 404 error. and images are broken, if i go directly to studio, and go to storage > images, i see the path to images is https://ghostwareglobal.com/s/sys_images/ and yet physical path is https://ghostwareglobal.com/storage/sys_images/,

i even tried disabling permalinks, to see if that would fix, but even that gives an error. where am i going wrong?

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  • figured it out, had to go in and delete all files except htaccess within cache folders, then force reload page.  Only issue i am seeing now is if i go into invites module via studio, and click on requests, i get an error of 404

    /studio/page.php?i=invites-requests is the url it goes to

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    • noticing it happening on other links as well, for example if i reset password, it sends me an email, i click the link to the email and it just redirects me back to resetting my password, does not display a new password like it should.

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      • Hello Tinboye !

        The issues with INvitations module may depend from the missing files there. The issue with forgot password requires to have an operator and database management accesses.

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        • I simply moved the files from 1 folder to another within the same host. So no files should be lost or missing. maybe its a permission issue? Is there a way i can overwrite the files without having to redo the entire site? or is there a way i can force an update of the files even though they are already up to date version 9.

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          • In some servers I saw when .htacces filed could be missed there. About "force updates=" - well, the current version will not be upgraded.

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            • I took the latest htaccess file from GitHub of una and that had fixed some things. What other folders have n't access files that would effect URLs like resetting passwords. Who would i contact to take a look at my server?


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              • By default, UNA has .htaccess files in the folders shown in the attached pictures. You may send me the operator and Control Panel accesses via Messenger here.

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