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I manually opened the on screen notifications of the Una app.

When a notification comes it pops on the screen.

When I click the notification popup Una app appears on the screen but even after waiting for 30 seconds nothing happens just a white screen.

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  • Could you please specify what notification exactly you clicked ? 

    Is it happened once with just one notification, or several times with different notifications ?

    • I opened manually notifications for Una app from android settings. So when a notification comes to Una it creates a popup .

      It seems like whenever I click to such notifications of the Una app it tries to reload Una app but the app comes with a white screen only and nothing happens.

      • Sorry, I don't have device with MIUI to check it, is there any way to check if this is happening in regular Android OS ?

        • Ok I will try with another and inform on Tuesday.

          • Alex T⚜️ 

            This is the message notification on screen from Una android app.

            (I opened on screen notifications for Una app from application settings of android)

            When I click to this message it opens the Una app but the application blocks with a white screen.

            • Thank you for the report, we'll try to watch for this behaviour.