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error showing up when using photo upload in context form

Unknown column 'more_options_in_editing' in 'field list'

and the photo doesn't upload

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  • It seems to be happening when I add custom fields to the add AND/OR the edit forms of the photos app. I deleted all the custom fields and now it works. There is a bug somewhere.

    • I found the problem. If I add custom fields to the photos app add photos form or the files app add files form, it causes a database error when adding the media. I think that it only happens with these two apps because they were created differently than the other apps and there is a separate part for adding. It is a bug.

      • Please could you specify what field exactly you've added ? and what is the error message you've got ?

        • I added an info block on the add photos form. When a member tries to upload a photo using the context form, there is this error sent to my email:


          INSERT INTO `bx_photos_entries` SET `cat` = '3',`allow_view_to` = '3',`thumb` = '63',`title` = 'IMG_1522.JPG',`author` = '4',`more_options_in_editing` = 'This is a test message.',`added` = '1555776043',`changed` = '1555776043'

          Mysql error:

          Unknown column 'more_options_in_editing' in 'field list'


          The error was found in query function in the file /home/*/public_html/*/inc/classes/BxDolForm.php at line 852.



          And when the member uploads the photo using the normal upload form, they get this message: