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There is a lot going on. 

First, all the improvements we accumulated for the next release added up to make it a major feature update. There is no way we can push it as a small iteration. More on this in a couple of days. 

Second, a few UNA-powered websites that we're working with went into a viral-growth mode and we are handling the scaling challenges. It's a combination of optimal hardware/backend setup, site configuration and the platform design characteristics. There is a world of difference between the site with 5 online members and the site with 5000 online members. So far we haven't had any show-stoppers. We also get lots of data allowing to fine-tune UNA and work out the best backend architecture for large scale. All the changes will be part of the next update. 

Third, we're dealing with a spike of automated spam attacks. Again, improving the system and learning from it. 

So, in the next few weeks expect a massive feature update and two configuration guides (performance and security).  

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    • Hi. I want to ask a few questions that I didn't find answers to. 

      1. The script will support redis cache? 

      2. I have not found in the settings of the site map, is it? 

      3. RocketChat today is the best free chat app. How deeply is rocketchat integrated with the social network? I would like to read the documentation or a detailed description of the integration application. 

      4. The script fully supports mariadb server? 

      5. When you download the images optimized? Thanks:) 

      • How many weeks left?

        • Keep going ...

          • We found at a previous large site that the harder challenege was when script kiddies start automating signups, then propagate through proxies.  That becomes hard because there are multiple write requests at the same time to the database. Watch out for that when you've fixed the spam problem.

            • Andrew, there are two ways to read your ad. I interpret it as "a lot of work, we are overwhelmed, wait". Which is not necessarily good news, because the month of April was to be hot following the announcement, but that in fact, it was freezing for the same reason. Certainly, I am a very small client, I am well aware of it, but nevertheless I still have a site which only asks to turn and behind, customers that I must leave vegetate because this update does not does not happen and for this reason it is difficult to keep them. Really hard to stay motivated in these conditions you know? I believe everything you say, except the announced deadlines, because they are never respected and it is not in weeks that must be spoken but in months. I have a dating site and both ways of communicating, mails, and messenger each have a serious problem for months. How do I keep my limbs? I do not mean the custom modules I absolutely need, it's the same, the deadlines seem infinitely repulsed too. So, I see a lot of my friends' sites that are "out". It's a shame because they were motivated people, is not that partly the cause? Sorry to be so critical, but I have to expose my problem somewhere, otherwise one day my site may be "out" too.

              Regarding the problem of spam, does not ReCaptcha prevent it? Or is it possible to work around it? Why is not he present on your registration form?

              • From my own experience UNA isn't capable of running large sites much like  the management of Boonex  are not capable of running a business. 

                After many many weeks the migration of my Dolphin site to UNA is still not done. Emails go unanswered. 

                It's great that you have these wonderful sites going viral. Maybe ours would too if we were not being ignored.

                In my last email I gave you a deadline to resolve the migration issues or I would be seeking a full refund and loss of revenue. You haven't even bothered to acknowledge this email. 

                • Very good points, Baloo. Giving time estimates for updates is hard. We share what we try for and yes, we meant to be releasing around this time, but actual production sites pushed us back - that’s something we can’t postpone. I do believe that we are coming out of this bittleneck though. A lot of chnages had to be done simply because basics were not in place. April was in fact very hot - so much so that we could even post about anything. Now we can really spend more time on improvements. 

                  Well, all I can say is that we will try to release the update as soon as possible. Initially as betas, but you’d be able to use them as they’ll be upgradable. 

                  As for spam - yes, recaptcha stops this one, but we are also looking into improving bulk delete with content. It needs optimisation.  We didn’t use recaptcha here for a while to simplify signup. 

                  • This particular issue is related to the nature of the site - we have discussed it many times over and did try to help within reason. We can’t provide full support in this case. 

                    • Baloo we will also release Messenger update in the next two days. If there’s anything you have to report about it or about Conversions module that we don’t know of yet, please let us know. 

                      • Andrew - you did not answer my last email.  Happy to discuss this in the public forum?  How can you refuse support based on content yet take my money to host it?  Double standards??

                        • Andrew, you know me well enough to know that I'm reporting everything and right away. So, it's done and for a long time. This is precisely the problem. In the specific case of messenger, I did more than just report, I harassed. Imagine that you have a phone and you can not hang up. You contact the support of your provider, and he tells you for months that the problem will be fixed in a few days. I'm sure you will not understand this, and this situation will make you want to catapult your device to 6 km. You take the other device (conversation) and there is the opposite, your interviewer hangs up, you do not know anything and you continue to talk on your own. In this case, I understand that it's more complicated to set, but in the case of messenger, the only explanation I imagine is that you do not realize that the two devices are broken and that it poses a big problem. problem to the one who uses it, on a site entirely based the principle of communication. If you had understood, I suppose you would have at least repaired immediately one of the two devices in emergency, especially when it's just a soldering wire. Am I wrong somewhere here?

                          I understand why you do not use reCaptcha, it's true that it could discourage some impatient to the inscription, it is sometimes capricious, but at the same time, uh ... I do not think it's this step that you risk losing the most impatient ... it's after ...

                          • will the update be completed this month at least?

                            • Good to hear that issues we haven't come across with lower online numbers will be addressed before we even see them. To clarify, the next update will still be  a 9, correct? I'm not able to officially move to UNA from Dolphin due to issue: https://github.com/unaio/una/issues/1872 but it notes being planned for v. 10 so I am assuming I need to wait sometime longer.

                              • Andrew there is also an important missing functionality for the production sites like mine.

                                Group invitaions are yet only send by email. But many of our users are closing the email notifications thinking that there is a nnotification system on site.
                                This renders groups invitations lost and a big barrier to Groups functionality which is the core of any community sites.

                                It would be very nice for this update to include this notification also.

                                (I think it currently is planned to 10)

                                • The code should be smarter i saw several request to the same libary jquery, inline script, script loaded where not nesesery and 2 gzip in the header where it should be in the footer last to load for performance. I saw bx tags inside the html. I know you are not developer but you should keep code clean and optimized for performance. 

                                  Even usind cloudflare rocket service in order to make the site faster becouse of the inline script broke the site.

                                  Also there is no reference for RTL and Everytime i am changing CSS to it. its overrides by updates. You need to have 2 version s of templates for each type.

                                  • Andrew Boon I would like to know what type of system it takes to handle a 5000 users online UNA.  I'm glad to hear that it's being pressure tested.  I realize it depends on the mods they run, but would like to hear what hardware setup they use with what modules.


                                    • I definitely agree with Baloo on his statement regarding release dates. I also understand that things come up that pushes the proposed date out further. But we as Webmasters use these release dates to communicate with our users that 'we' will be addressing the issue or enhancement soon based upon what we are being told here. 

                                      An example would be, my users were asking for a way to 'streamline' the site to make it more accessible to all features and interact with other members all in a single area. I first saw the preview for React Jot back in November of 2018 and got very excited that this could be exactly what they want. The talk about releasing it was in mid/late December 2018. I unfortunately told my members back in December of 2018 that an update was coming soon to address what they were asking for. Fast forward 5 months to May 2019.. React Jot has still not been released and may be even later after the release of UNA 9.1. 

                                      Most all activity has stopped on my site and some have not even signed in recently. I am not blaming anyone for this and I know everyone is working hard but, I sure wished that React Jot would have been released by now. My plan was to draw my members back and even market it for new members however now, I will continue to wait and hope for the best. 

                                      • I just want to see the delayed publishing for videos.

                                        • In fact we always come back to the same problem, the older ones have already experienced a situation a little blocked like this one. I remind you that the cork jumped with a succession of small updates.

                                          I already said at the time, it would be better to take a series of small steps, rather than big jump from time to time. It would be good to split the updates concerning the bugs / security and those concerning the novelties and improvements. Look, this way of mixing everything will force me to wait for 1,2,3 beta to fix bugs known for a long time and concerning the previous version. In addition, larger updates = greater risk of new bugs so more work and time wasted. Watching Linux, always functional, is the priority, fortunately for the entire Web, every day or almost I have updates, not twice a year.

                                          The problem very well explained by Chris, you will agree, it is a reasonable person, is not easy when we talk about new features, but when we talk about bug, it is a real invitation to desert our sites. This is the biggest criticism that I have to send you, the rest, we do with ... or without ... but we do it anyway.

                                          Hey guys, for that reason, do not try to burden 9.1.0 again and again, otherwise we will not have it before 2048. The sooner you finish 9.1.0 the sooner we will have 10 or the next version, I I'm sure there will be other intermediate steps, and that would be fine.

                                          • Look here https://github.com/unaio/una/issues/1465 for the upcoming update ;-)

                                            • Thank you for this feedback. We have reevaluated our update policy. I will publish a definitive chart today or tomorrow and will give more detail on the next one. As Baloo mentioned, you can track it in GItHub, but clearly we need to offer a clear view on schedule - so, it's coming.

                                              • Andy@Stitchtalk.com - this article here gives an overview of server requirements as UNA sites scale - https://una.io/page/view-post?id=178

                                                • Mark Purser     Thanks, for sharing the calculations.. 

                                                  Are you finding them to be accurate with your new larger clients?

                                                  • Too early to tell. These sites are not yet “settled” so to speak. Lots of registrations but not enough connections to evaluate the impact and also configuration is changing every day. 

                                                    Early takeaways so far:

                                                    - 500+ online members is possible without clustering.

                                                    - Timeline cacheing which added for the next update helps significantly.

                                                    - Some issues in notifications and in DB have been found and addressed.

                                                    - We might switch to MySQL8/InnoDB.

                                                    • So in short how many members can a UNA site take

                                                      • In short 500 with a good server, as said Andrew without too much trouble, I have the margin, for the moment at peak hours, I have 20 to 25 simultaneously for not far from 4000 registered. Fortunately a day is composed of 24 hours, themselves composed of 60 minutes. I think it takes a lot of people to have 500 people cross at the same time.

                                                        • what you are saying is that i can have up to a 1000 people on a dedicated server using my una site?

                                                          • There are many factors that may come into play - the number of members and content items does matter, but not as much as current load, which is a combination of how many users are online simultaneously and what they're doing. Say, if your site is centred around feeds, the load would be higher than if it was focused on Discussions only. Or, say, community doing multiple video uploads with transcoding is very different from a site that is mostly focused on blogs/embeds/comments.

                                                            So, if we average those factors, I'd say that yes, you may conceivably have about 1000 online users with a good dedicated or cloud server, without going into, say, separating database and web server into separate boxes or clusters. Once you grow beyond that, separation would help you scale further. 

                                                            1000 online members may happen on the back of as little as 20,000 registered members when the site is young and popular/viral. 

                                                            • Super, I met all the conditions to not be down for a long time. On my Dolphin site, I have 20,000 members, but never more than 500 members connected simultaneously. But this type of site is not viral, it can at best be addictive.

                                                              Side server, I am a case apart, my server is at home, almost on my lap. An i7 and 32 gigas of ram, not even ssd, good optimization, I'm lucky, a good internet connection very stable and I never have any problems at all for $ 0. Except the kick of the server, + - $ 1200 and he is 6 years old, count it currently it costs me $ 16 a month, and the price decreases all the time.

                                                              So, to go back to the original subject, I am sometimes critical but I also thank when I am helped. So big thanks to Alexey who provided me with the fix specific to my problem of deleting conversations in messenger. A single line of code, just a small wire wire soldered, months to stamp on for so little, it's stupid. But I made arrangements with Alexey, it will not happen again and that's very good news! It only remains to arrange with Andrew :-)) I feel that it will be more complicated :-)))

                                                              For those who have access to their files and who wants to correct this problem:


                                                              how to fix conversation delete: 

                                                              find public function actionDelete(){  in BxMessengerModule.php file

                                                              and then find this line 

                                                              $JotsList = $this -> getJotsByLotId($iLotId); 

                                                              and replace it with this 

                                                              $JotsList = $this -> _oDb -> getJotsByLotId($iLotId);


                                                              Morality always expose these problems ;-)

                                                              • If that is the case, I want to ask why you chose to delete the conversation history of your site users? I would not like people deleting my conversations so please can you explain?

                                                                • No, the problem is that each user can not delete these own conversations...

                                                                  • Andrew Boon, in regard to the recaptcha on the join form, is it more effective to use AQB Soft's Photo Captcha app or is Google recaptcha more secure? My members are telling that they hate the recaptcha and they were frustrated when signing up.

                                                                    • Try AQB Soft one. It may well be just as effective for spam control. We haven’t tried it it. 

                                                                      • Genesis - there are various levels of recaptcha - the highest level is rather time consuming and should probably only be necessary in situations requiring highest security, the simplest version is just a tick box.  https://developers.google.com/recaptcha/docs/versions

                                                                        • To which I have complied and been nice. You make it seem so much more sordid

                                                                           The fact that you haven't kept your side of the bargain and this is costing me money is unforgivable. You sir are all talk.  If you had kept your side of our deal I wouldn't have had a site down more than up the past 24 hours. 

                                                                          Warning to all users, Una say they offer 24hr support. That is a lie. 

                                                                          • You definitely can't have 8000. You'd think they'd use my site for testing bit it's too icky for their staff to deal with. 

                                                                            • Fighting a losing battle with Andrew. Really doesn't do conflict, runs and hides not replying to email. Such a child

                                                                              • What is the maximum load a UNA 10 site can handle with exceptionally good servers?

                                                                                • We are handling email and support requests in order of priority. There is no 24 hour support (we do sleep and we do weekends). It is further limited with sites that not all of our team members feel comfortable working with. 

                                                                                  Personal emails can take longer to reply as we handle specific issues first. Please slow down with your comments - this is not an acceptable way to express your dissatisfaction. 

                                                                                  • Please what? Learn how to run an effective help desk? I can help you there. 

                                                                                    • So can i get a reply on the site member capacity on UNA 10

                                                                                      • If you answered email in a timely manner and oh I don't know didn't leave sites down for 24 hours I wouldn't resort to this tactic, but unfortunately it seems to be the only way to get a word out of you. 

                                                                                        Site still down. And it's not even a site with content you staff could object to. 

                                                                                        • Feel free to message me via the messenger here. It usually helps to bring the issue forward. Your report must have not made it through the queue of Monday tickets yet. It’s 5.30 in the morning here, so the team will only be able to look into it a bit later. 

                                                                                          Thank you. 

                                                                                          • We have experience with a few sites running 500-1200 online members. Some adjustments were needed and have been added to UNA 10 to improve performance, but nothing in the architecture prevents UNA from handling larger loads. 

                                                                                            I’m trying to only rely on actual experience, but as soon as we have sites with millions of members to work with, we will adapt the system. It’s not so much a matter of current capability, but a matter of core architecture and readiness to improve. 

                                                                                            • OK let's take this offline so no one sees his bad your service is and how ineffective a leader you are. Stay tuned everyone I'll post the outcome here anyway.

                                                                                              • If it is a server issue, I offer both VPS and Dedicated servers and I can transfer your site from UNA servers to my servers for free.  If this is an UNA issue, I have worked with UNA but I am not as versed in UNA as I am in Dolphin.