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How do i add more content to my sign up and profile page

Please how do I include new content to my sign up and profile page for example adding a section for "country or states"

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  • For profile: Go to studio > forms > displays > persons module > select form: persons > click the links under the fields column (add person, edit person, view person, view full person)

    For sign up: Go to studio > forms > displays > system module > select form: account > click the link under the fields column in the "Create Account" row

    • Thanks what about profiles?

      • Check the top part of the the post, it is for changing profile fields. The second part is for changing the sign up fields.

        But watch out though, on my site I added extra fields to Create Account and Add Person, and one of my users cursed me out and demanded that the sign up process is too hard, so I removed all the extra fields from those two forms except for the recaptcha. I kept the other ones in the Edit Profile area. Then I went into my google repatcha account and changed the security preference to "Easiest for users".

        • How do I include a row down option that will show different results for example we have Gender >Male > Female, i need to know how to include this for my site. I want something like country> America >Algeria >Belgium.

          • image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=1327&dpx=1&t=1557736345I am always getting this error when i try inputting something, please how do i resolve this?

            • Hello lucipher !

              Please specify - do you have only English language on your site? If yes, plz specify - did you install other then deleted it? Now it looks like you need to click on "English" title in the appeared box and switch to another language to add the System name there too.

              • I have resolve the matter but is it possible to run the market without the payment features

                • Is it possible to look on your fix? About Market - no, it's impossible for UNA to allow market before an order.

                  • sir i cant post profile pictures anymore and i dont know what to do

                    • As I may see from your provided info, the deal is in some JS error, need to know what actions did you perform before?

                      • Just on this subject is it possible to link "sign up" with selecting to become part of a group or space?


                        • Hello Carl!

                          You may do it as "recommended" action - create on the Groups home page the new block (visible only for unconfirmed or similar level) with info "Join the group!"  then in Studio->Settings->Persons area fill the value of field "URL for 'Custom Page' redirect " as "page.php?i=groups-home"

                          • Thanks LeonidS, sorry I need to word this more clearly.

                            When signing up and creating your profile, is it possible to assign the new member to a group directly from the registration form when joining the site?

                            • No Carl , it's impossible to do with the default tools. In join process it's necessary to have a field with available groups and then processor of joining according the user's choice.

                              • Ok thanks, I will put it in Suggestions