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Troubleshooting the search feature searchKeyword.php

How can I display the searchKeyword.php in a block so I can have a full site search block on my site? I want to see what it's like to have a Twitter-like feel with a single search box where people need to search for what they are looking for rather than having everything visible in navigation, such as videos and photos, etc because people post things that not everyone wants to see.

I put this in a navigation link, [bx_menu_slide_inline('-sliding-menu-search', this, 'site');], but it opens the right-side search form next to the account avatar for a brief second so I want it to be displayed in a block like Google custom search.

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    • I just noticed something in channels too. When I posted [bx_menu_slide_inline('#bx-sliding-menu-search', this, 'site');], UNA unintentionally created a new channel called #bx. Maybe we should have a feature that allows people the option to associate the post with an existing channel, no channel, or create a new channel rather than automatically creating new channels with every hashtag.

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      • And I also need to disable searchKeyword.php for unauthenticated users.

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        • Ok I created a navigation menu link to open the mysite/searchKeyword.php file, but searchKeyword.php is available to everyone and there is no way to stop unauthenticated users from searching my site. It happens on UNA too: https://una.io/searchKeyword.php 

          I attempted to disable all searches by changing the search files in the root directory, but then the hashtags wouldn't work. There needs to be a way to stop unauthenticated users from searching the site. 

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          Not logged in users can't 'Comments Post'.

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