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New messenger update

So, I love the new messenger capabilities, Alexey worked well :-) It seems no bugs now, so when are you going to release for our sites? It will help to keep our members waiting until 10.

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  • There was an issue with mobile and desktop apps - should be fixed today and we’ll be releasing tomorrow or on Wednesday. 

    • Sir what you are saying is that we would be getting the source codes for the mobile apps and desktop apps for our sites  by Wednesday

      • I meant the Messenger update would be pushed to UNA Market. 

        • By the way the light and dark mode for the themes, will it interface with the logo like the UNA site?

          • I meant the react jot mobile app?

            • Light and dark modes are done via Styles. All you need is upload a contrasted logo for each version or use global logo via Designer if it suits both styles. 

              • Hope it will be as straight forward as you say. Thanks a lot for the update sir

                • By the way will we be able to make template changes on the mobile apps for our sites

                  • Thank you for this clarification, I will prepare announcement ;-)

                    • Hello :) 

                      Sorry for delay, there were problems with cache, now they are fixed. 

                      We have just released new version. You need to apply tow updates (9.0.12 and 9.0.13) to get the latest version.

                      • Hello Alexey, thanks, ok, for 9.0.12, but 9.0.13 is not offered at home ...

                        • ... and 9.0.12 gives a blank page, even if I empty all the caches ...

                          • Yes, but if you disable js cache in site's settings, page will be loaded ok. So, you need to install 9.0.13 and problem with cache should disappear.

                            • Ok, indeed for the cache, so it misses 9.0.13, where is it hiding? :-)

                              • I have my site set to auto updates but it has 9.0.0 Installed. How do I get the latest update. Do I need to check “force update” in settings?

                                  • same problem are the updates gonna be automatic or do i need to do something?

                                    • please how do i get the messenger update? i  installed una using softaculous

                                      • You have to go to Studio => Apps => updates, I suggest you to check regularly, all the updates are there. Also, when you have applied an update, go back to see if there is not a next one, they are proposed successively. For the moment nothing attracts the eye there when an update is available but it will be done in a next update, good thing!

                                        • It's strange, it's not available in apps => Updates, it's empty and I'm currently at 9.0.12...

                                          • I can verify what Baloo said. I saw the upgrade for 9.0.12 and I did that.. I cleared my cache at the site. Went back to Apps > Updates and there is not a 9.0.13 version there. 

                                            I get a blank page also when I got to the Messenger at my website as well. 

                                            • To fix the problem temporarily you can disable the caching of JS files.
                                              If I understood correctly, 9.0.13 corrects precisely this problem, but I suspect Alexey to keep it jealously for him :-)

                                              • I updated my messenger now its blank

                                                • OK - I disabled the JS caching and the Messenger now loads.. But still not seeing a 9.0.13 version in the Updates available..

                                                  • I have update my messenger and still see a blank screen what do i do?

                                                    • Go into your Studio > Settings > Cache and remove the checkmarks from the boxes that have JS in them. Then Save it.

                                                      • Hi!

                                                        Sorry, it is should available now. 

                                                        • Got it Alexey Thanks!! - On the original post by Baloo , he said "I love the new messenger capabilities" - Can you or him advise what these new capabilities are? 

                                                          • Yes Chris, i will create a post with details. 

                                                            • Thanks chris i did that and now my notifications are messed up. Are you sure its only the settings with JS I need to deactivate?

                                                              • please what are the new features on the messenger?

                                                                • image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=1330&dpx=1&t=1557778382The notification bar lacks the profile pictures of the users

                                                                  • 1. The presentation of the connection status has been reviewed, it is now visually standardized AND synchronized with the site. We can sell his glasses ;-)
                                                                    2. You are now notified if your last message has been read.
                                                                    3. You can now edit your last message with the up arrow key.
                                                                    4. The conversation files are now accessible in a dedicated drawer. (see new option 'i' => files)
                                                                    5. Auto-saved messages: When you start typing a message, you can now switch windows and come back to it, your message will still be there, even if you have not sent it yet.
                                                                    6. New sound, good idea, it is better distinguished from other messengers.

                                                                    They are the main things I saw.

                                                                    • 7. History-tracking, so that if users go to different talks and then click "back" button in browser they go back to previous talk, and not to previous browser page, which would usually kick them out of the Messenger (because it's a single-page-app with same URL for all states).

                                                                      8. Inline playback for Audio attachments.

                                                                      9. Fixes and improvements, especially in message editing and message action menu

                                                                      10. Switched to FontAwesome for icons to be consistent with the rest of the site.

                                                                        • Tim Burleigh go to site settings then forced update. then from there go to your cpannel file manager go to where your una.io files are stored go to periodic then change .htaccess to somthing like .htaccess.bak type your website name adding /periodic/cron.php  at the end of it click search if it gives you a error like this one >> allow_url_include is on (you need to disable it, or your site will be unsafe) just add a php.ini file within periodic folder click it wait for the white page to stop loading then go back to your site within a min it should have updated i updated this way from 10.0.0-Rc2

                                                                          P.S. Dont forget to change .htaccess back to .htaccess

                                                                          • Hello MyZoid Vapour ,

                                                                            As far as I understand you described update for UNA? Or you have problems with messenger update?