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Error message after install


After installing the UNA Platform on my local site, I got these messages:

Notice:  Undefined index: sCurrentLanguage in D:\Sorina2\UniServerZ\www\medstarnews\inc\classes\BxDolLanguages.php on line 179

Fatal error:  Can't use method return value in write context in D:\Sorina2\UniServerZ\www\medstarnews\modules\base\general\classes\BxBaseModGeneralFormEntry.php on line 124 

Any idea how to solve this?

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  • Hello Sorina !

    I saw similar messages in the cases when something wrong with the language file. So did you complete the installation? Did you install any language app like English or Russian which are included to default package?

    • Hi Leonid!
      Do I have to install the language pack separately?

      When I installed the default package, I was asked to choose between English and Russian. I chose English. Is there anything I should do beside that?

      I also checked sys_localization_languages table in db. LanguageCountry field is empty.

      • If UNA works after installation - then it's better to reinstall English language again.