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Point System suggestion

Suggestion for Point System. The ability to use points in Marketplace instead of payment. Or even a seperate page to cash out points for stuff like gift cards etc. Just a suggestion 🤗

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    • It's a big thing. See, it's important to decouple points from valuable products or money redemptions until/unless conversion is monitored/approved by admins and the configuration is perfected to make sure points can't be easily accrued without contributing equivalent value. 

      There are also questions like points issuance - whether it should be limited to allow for value preservation and trade, an so it would have to be tied to some form of ledger (blockchain or similar). 

      We have discussed this in detail internally and the most likely scenario is that we'd release a "Coins" module eventually, which would work for value transactions, while Points from AQB Soft could be used to convert to Coins according to a floating rate (market value) or a set rate.

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      • Will Roberts I asked AQB Soft about this a while ago and they said that they plan on doing it in future versions. I asked about making payments in the market using points and automatically upgrading an account when they reach a certain amount of points. I think this is a great idea because members can just buy a number of points and use the points to purchase anything on the site so people don't need to keep pulling out their credit card or their bitcoin number. The actual product being charged to the credit card is points.

        EDIT: And plus I think it helps to eliminate risky credit card and bitcoin fraud.

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        • Yes, I agree, this is very important. The purpose of the module point is still to encourage members to use the site and reward those who use it a lot. Offering the upper limb level once a certain number of pre-defined points is achieved, is doubling the effectiveness of the module in its primary purpose.

          In addition, it allows to advertise a free site without lying, because free for people who use it a lot, but paying for those who want the next level. I think it's an excellent compromise.

          and automatically upgrading an account when they reach a certain amount of points.

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