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How I can sell my modules on Una?


I'm from SandKlock that have some products from Dolphin 7.X and now I would like to move them to Una as well. I have converted and made them work on Una system. I just tried to post a product to market on Una.io and it says I have to add a payment method in profile setting. But I got the error "Your current membership (Standard) doesn't allow you to 'Post links'." when updating the Paypal account. So I guess that I have to upgrade my account somehow but I'm not sure that if it works like that. So the question is how I can sell my modules on Una.io or what I should do to finish my account upgrade?

One more thing is I have bought the premium account on Boonex site, could it be migrated to Una.io as well?

Thanks for your reading,

SandKlock Admin

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  • One more (last :D) thing is I can't access to my account on Boonex website, I have tried to use Retrieve Password button many times but got no mail responds

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    • Hi SandKlock - I have upgraded your UNA.io user level to Premium - so you can now sell products here. You will need to email support@boonex.com with the Boonex password issue.

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      • Hi Mark Purser , thanks for your help! that's awesome :D I sent an email to boonex support yesterday but still doesn't receive any reply. So I will wait for few more days and again thank you! 😍 

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