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Redirect URL issue Studio Apps Market

When I click on Market Apps Side Menu I Get Redirect URI Error

Please see attached

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  • Hello,  the URL of your site must be accurate here https://una.io/page/my-sites 

    • its missing the "s"  need to change to http://  how do I do this?

      • You can not change it. delete, recreate a new one with the correct address. Then reset the licenses then you should be able to connect


        • I created new license but will not let me reset other licenses and still get error

          • changing license seems to have no effect on the error, and cant reset my apps to new license key & secret...is this because I have 2 sites with 2 different licenses?

            • my other site goes to Market Apps correctly

              • Everything else is working ok, just cant buy any new apps

                • By adding the S to http, it is considered a different domain, so you have to reset. Maybe you should post the error you get?

                    • This is the error when I try to reset

                      • As it is said that we must report, report :-) What think LeonidS ?

                        • MORE INFO:

                          Started with SandKlock's "Back to Top" app.  Here is how it went... I purchased the APP from SandBlock through UNA App Market, when I clicked on download it did not work and kept getting hung up when I tried again.  When I presented this issue to SandKlock, he said he could install it to my downloads himself... gave him access to cPanel and he installed to App Market Downloads... I clicked download at that moment and it installed OK... then later went back to purchase different App and I could not get access and received this error message,  (this is for my second site famlli.com)

                          • ISSUE RESOLVED!  Thanks Alex!! Alex found a typo in my web address for UNA Key... simple errors, big issues... double check your spelling and type correctness ~  😎 😇