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Customizing UNA modules

Are there certains steps I need to take in requesting customizing UNA modules?  Does anyone offer services to customize modules?  Are there more modules coming to market that UNA might give us a hint on in anticipation of some?

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  • Well, I think if it's about customizing modules, you just have to ask the developer of the module. Una team will not modify an AQB module for example. It's logic.
    For modules in preparation, you are right, a list would be welcome, so we know if the ideas we have in the head are in progress or not and when they will be available. Without that, we can not know what we need to ask or not and we do not know where we are going and when. This is a black spot for me.

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    • Hi Scotti (Lehigh Valley Social) - I can assist you, I'll send you a PM.

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      • Thank you

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