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What do you use UNA for?

What type of social network or even other types of websites do you power or plan to power with ?

I plan to make someting like in my native language. And since UNA has most of the features Twitter has, it's perfect for my project.

I'm curious to see what websites do you have with UNA? It's not mandatory to post links to your websites, you can just write, I don't want to make this discussion into Spam.

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  • I know, sites for social media, dating and sportsclubs

      • Twitter-like setup would be great. Just make sure to NOT use Modules that distract from main focus - just use Updates in Timeline, not Posts or Discussions, Albums, etc. The key is in keeping it simple. 

        We work with different implementations, like local/regional networks separated into locality subgroups, professional networks for certain occupations, specific interest networks, some political causes, collaboration networks for niche markets, customer communities complimenting main business, venue patrons communities, etc. 

        Sorry if that’s a bit vague - we can not share actual ideas or links.  

        • Nice one! There seems to be an issue with the logo - try to upload one via the Header section in your template and set size to fit the header. 

          By the way, here is another yogic community using UNA (I can share it because it’s one of our sites) - https://ShantiDwara.com 

          • I'm seeing some great implementations around niche communities in finance sectors, based around spiritual interests, political and sports. Some are growing really quickly now, it's great to watch. Most of these successful sites are straightforward, using Discussions and Messenger/Chat to foster group and PM interactions.

            We are planning on developing our UNA Learn LMS to bring learning functionality into the mix as part of UNA 11 - so this will be another tier of possibility that I'm confident will bring increased scope into many of your sites.

            • How did you get the “join“ and “Login” in the header on this site?

              • I'm actually using just the timeline for posting, channels for hashtags and posts for internal blog.

                • That's the default for the Lucid template.

                  • Good call. We are setting up Dolphin.una.io in a similar way. 

                    • Is anyone using the spaces app alongside the groups app or are you using them separately?

                      • Please post on topic...

                        • I use it to maintain a user gaming community.

                          Man Of Teal revolves around "Roller Coaster Tycoon 2" game which went open source and added multiplayer abilities; I host the game servers and require gamers to join the site before they are allowed to play the game with others. Registration is required to verify email addresses and let the players post photos of the work done on the gaming servers.

                           Keeping a membership database allows them to join each other outside the games.


                          • One of the first UNA adopters. 👍🔥☝️

                            • I'd like to play Michael Newton 

                              • I been around a minute too. 8 years already with Dolphin/UNA Andrew Boon And been loving every year since 😁 

                                • Jeremy you are an UNA senior citizen 😊

                                  •  i wish it would ready technically and design wise for professional communities ...

                                    • Alex  I agree, it takes a lot of time to configure, but we have made some nice-looking professional communities with UNA. You need to be prepared to pay for a PRO licence and some additional modules, but it's possbile to do.

                                      See http://itshub.in.ua as an example. 

                                      • professional formatting!

                                        • its more a community than a professional driven community but thanks for sharing.  i am talking of a website like linkedin somehow but not as complex of course. with the job board module and professional profile fields plug in, those are the two things that really are missing as of today.

                                          • I'm a month late on this thread but I've only been here 2 days!  I'm using UNA to build and operate a family history community site where family history "nuts" can come and talk about it endlessly and share knowledge and ideas.  I want to offer short "How To" videos, run a podcast and a blog.  The feature I'm most excited about building is realtime shared research sessions - probably one to one.  For example, if a member is paying me to do the research for them, I would show them how I'm doing it - so they can experience the thrill of the research rather than just the results,

                                            Yes I could talk all day about it 😀.  I'm really excited to have found UNA and to be able to throw away my Wordpress effort that got me less in a month than I managed with UNA in 48 hours.  The integration of the various modules has allowed me to focus on content rather than making a site that works.

                                            I feel a lot more fun and development to come.

                                            • you could create a twitter style site right now with what they have given you if you break everything down and rebuild it but it will take time to make it just like twitter but for your language.

                                              • LOL I am not sure why I am just now seeing this Mark Purser But thanks!

                                                  • Don't think of UNA as a social networking management tool. Think of it as a tool to solve problems. If your problem requires a social network, then have at it. Otherwise you'll build bloated solutions that no one uses.