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The state of UNA10 update

As many of you know we had 15th of June set as a target due date for the UNA10. Here's what's going on:

1. We are testing a feature-final version already and you can see the code in our Github repo. 

2. This update is quite big, so testing is more involved than usual and we do have a few remaining known issues we need to address over the next few days. 

3. We are already working on upgrade script for those upgrading from v9.

4. Almost all modules had changes, so the version and modules packaging is taking time. 

5. All of the above steps are somewhat unpredictable and may take anywhere from a couple of days up to a week. We're pushing as hard as we can to make it happen ASAP. 


JOT is a very new "thing" - it's not just another UNA module, since it requires additional software installation on server-side as well as special configuration. We have been considering various ways of making JOT available as a product and ultimately decided to include it as a free UNA core component, which will be available to everyone regardless of subscription type. We see JOT as a new type of functional "skin" for UNA, which integrates with existing configuration ans accommodates existing Content and Context modules. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the community to make it available to as many operators as possible. 

UNA10 is already equipped with services required for JOT to work if installed separately. So, the most likely scenario is that we will release UNA10 and follow up with the JOT 1 shortly afterwards, while a "built-in" JOT will appear a little later in a subsequent UNA update.

iOS, Android, Mac and Win Apps

All native apps will work with UNA 10 right after the release. A PowerApps called "Nexus" will be required to correctly connect the apps and your UNA site. Nexus app will be available as part of the Pro and Cloud subscriptions, as well as a separate purchase via UNA Apps Market (the planned price is $100 including 1 year of updates).

Beta Versions

UNA 10 will be first released as an upgradable Beta and will be staged through as many beta-versions as it may be necessary to mark it as "stable". All potential Beta updates will be subsequently upgradable, making it possible to use UNA10 for live site, though we do recommend doing so with caution (make regular backups and observe your site closely). 

Thank you for your support and patience!

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  • Andrew I love you and am a huge fan of your work but give us a final date not an estimation of a few days

    • Take your time. Very exciting news. Thanks for the update Andrew Boon 

      • I wish we could give the exact date. Too many features packaged in and anything can happen. It looks good though. 

        This is the last update until we switch to the release schedule I announced recently. Then we’d be simply preparing well in advance and culling features to meet the deadline. 

        • Great and thanks, communication is key. As I said a while ago your very welcome to test on my Server, which has lots of resource.

          • Taking it slow is the best for us that already have established sites. Testing and testing. Things are changing so fast anyway and I'm in no hurry. Stability is what is most important.

            • Thank you for the update

              I think it is better you take the time you need to get it right than releasing something that will cause us and you troubles later on

              • it's a very complex update, take your time as it's needed.

                I believe even if you finish the update we  will need to work on it a lot to.

                • Great news, I'm looking forward to seeing the Timeline bug gone..

                  • What Timeline bug, Mark? 

                    • its when a new member joins, even if they are not a friend of another person, they can still see all the timelines

                      • Is the Jot update a move to Apostrophe? 

                        • Or break deadlines to respect the functions :-) Better like that. But also, an important thing. When you go to launch the first beta, there will inevitably be bugs, so many betas probably. We will need successive and fast updates as the previous experience has shown. I hope you will make sure before the launch of the first, to be available to correct quickly?
                          You say "try cautiously" yes, but there are not many alternatives, to be really careful, you have to use a test site, but as you know, often big bugs can escape a long time as well. Most of them will be revealed in real conditions of use, it is the only true method to advance quickly, but for that it needs quick corrections.
                          On a production site, a return to a backup is inevitably lost members.
                          So if you can guarantee quick reactions, I would choose a method, if you tell me, this is unpredictable because it depends on big customers that can interfere, so I will choose another method.
                          Do you understand why I raise this point?

                            • What is JOT? How will it benefit the site and members?

                              • Excellent point Baloo

                                With this update especially testing would need live action at scale. We will most definitely follow up very quickly with any required service updates (beta updates can come out within a day if needed). Still, backups are importan and can be configured to smaller increments during beta periods. 

                                • JOT is a new front-end component for UNA which creates a ”single-page-app” that handles most common features with perceived “instant“ UI interactions. It’s based on ReactJS and NodeJS. 

                                  In other words, it’s a simple, fast, cool version of UNA interface. Not as configurable as normal UNA pages, but if it covers your needs, your sets will love it. 

                                  JOT - Just One Thing


                                  • Ok, Andrew, I'm glad to know, so everything should be fine.

                                    • Hello Andrew

                                      Regardless of impatience us as users who expect Una 10

                                      You work without nervousness, patiently to make Una10 the ultimate

                                      A lot of luck and success in further work

                                      • This is true, Andrew , I'll email you my server IP addresses and SSH DETAILS, please migrate my site and test una 10

                                        • Andrew please add dating module...

                                          • Hodor Hodor - numerous UNA based solution modules are planned for the second half of this year. An UNA Dating Module is one of them.

                                            • Hi Mark Dent , If you want us to migrate your site to your own server, please send the server details through the Teamwork channel and we can do this for you.

                                              • Any chance of getting a Job Board module or a Learning Management module?

                                                • These two are needed 

                                                  • aqb is supposed to deliver one shortly...we r still waiting ...

                                                    • Keith Fawcett - Job Board, Classifieds and Learning Management modules are in development and should be available over the next few months.

                                                      • in development  ... by UNA ? 

                                                        • Any directory module ?

                                                          • Hi Mark!

                                                            How to upgrade to B2, I have B1 in the panel and there is no information that there is an upgrade to B2

                                                            • Alex Mohammed - directory module will provide the framework for Classifieds/Jobs Board etc - yes in development by UNA. AQB Soft may have something in development as well. You can check out the UNA Directory Module at https://ci.una.io/test/

                                                              • These new modules are going to take UNA to a whole new level. Great sites will become due to these. Great news.

                                                                • link you shared does not work...

                                                                  • "It seems to be script is not installed."

                                                                    • 10 years + in the online recruitment/media field, i could contribute with a list of expectations of todays users in terms of features to make your job board module successful i guess.